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    User Status/Flags

    I play games with a fairly large sized guild that plays many different types of games.

    The situation we have is this.

    Player joins, no one is in "general chat" area. Player joins friends in room for "game x" but desires to play "game y". There is no one in "game y" room so stays in "game x".

    Now if could be that there are other rooms with people wanting to play "game y" but aren't aware of each other.

    Currently the best suggestion is a modified username to indicate the game you want to play, but I was curious if you guys had considered in-line "Want to play" flags in the user/channel list.

    With a flag system we could indicate that we wish to play a game not related to the channel, or just that we are looking to play a game in general. Then hopefully there would be a simple way for the user to indicate in their info what game they wish to play.

    I'm guessing you guys are already seeing possible issues, mostly along the lines of the level of upkeep required and the fact that its based around desire and intent. The last part tends to muddy waters in my experience. However if there was a macro command to flip a flag on and off (perhaps a pre-set flag the user wants) this could let the user do it mid game. and quickly too if another user comes to them about an out-dated flag.

    Perhaps the other users would hover over the flag where it would display in text what game he wishes to play (or the message for others).

    Furthermore a flag up while in channel could indicate something like "We are looking for more people".

    Anyway you guys are the experts and I'm a returning user (mostly used TS in 2004? Planetside days.)

    Thanks for the consideration

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    the only easy way to do that is to make groups with low/no "i_group_needed_member_add_power" and "i_group_needed_member_remove_power" and no other powers just an icon and name ?

    so users can add/remove themselves to that group and add/remove an icon next to there name about what game thy are playing ?

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    My solution to game channels is to create a single games channel and then allow the creation of temporary sub-channels for a given game. It has always worked well on servers that I manage. This allows for multiple separate instances of a given game and keeps the server clean. That coupled with Ahmed's solution should fix you up.

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