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    I am muted and can't hear anything

    I wanted to report the following problem and I hope you can help me. When I logged into TS3 today, I noticed I was muted and couldn't hear anything. Surprisingly, this didnt go away even after I restarted it and reinstalled TS3. I googled for about 1 hour and I couldnt find a solution for the following problem:

    SoundBckndIntf Error C:/Programme/TeamSpeak 3 Client/soundbackends/directsound_win32.dll error: NO_DEFAULT_FOUND

    Direct Sound Debug setting timer resolution to 1ms

    For some weird reason my Antivira was telling me something about 'win32' all the time and how there was a trojan. I didn't say stop so it kinda deleted that stuff. This, however, happened more than once, it told me there was a virus almost every day for about a week. I think I accidently deleted something in my Windows folder, but I am not really sure. Sadly, I have no expierience in things like that and Google couldnt help me at all. I really need help, I can't use TS3 like that.

    So, I'm hoping for help,

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    What client version is this? Have you updated your client meanwhile?
    Please don't send me private messages with support questions as long I or someone else from Teamspeak Staff asked for it.
    Seriously > They belong into the forum and maybe other users have these questions/problems too.

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