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    Question How to Change filetranfer_port

    Hallo guys.

    I need you help, again.
    So i used 2 instances of Teamspeak on my v-Server with Ubuntu. And the second instance is bad to me. So ive tryied to change the filetransfer_port=30033 to 30034. Ive read some guides in the internet and tried to change it. But it doesnt work.

    So ive tried to change it in the And i saw, it wont work. So ive tried with startparameter after the and i failed again.

    So, i need some help to fix it and i hope you can give me a light.

    I want to set up my, ithink it is the best way.

    COMMANDLINE_PARAMETERS="${2} query_port=20022 serverinstance_ filetransfer_port=30034"

    Did anyone see my mistake?

    Thanks for help.



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    Please read the documentation with carefully : TeamSpeak 3 Server Quick Start.txt
    The parameter for the file transfert port is filetransfert_port

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    Thanks for your quick answer. Ive tried "filetransfer_port already" but it doesnt work.

    Wohoo. it works. I dont know why, but it works now. Woah, iam happy. Thanks a lot ;-)

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    So for test, try with the minimal_runscript.
    ./ query_port=20022 filetransfert_port=30034
    Don't forget, for a complet and clean usage, you also have to use the ip parameter (as it's wrote in the doc )

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