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    Question Question about File Transfer..

    Hi guys

    My friend has an own registered teamspeak server and he is official host... but i want to ask couple questions... he is running almost 140 virtual servers on his server and some clients abusing the file transfer feature... They put a whole DVD or movie file on the TS server... or even big program on the file transfer.... well i know that i have to change the quota settings for upload and download but what is a good setting for prevent those high data usage of our TS server. I still want to give them the power for download or upload but not that big size files.. i was thinking to change the speed of uploading and downloading then maybe they will stop uploading if they see that the upload is going to slow... or is that not a good idea?

    any suggestions


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    According the operating system your friend can set a quota/limit directly on the virtualserver_# folder
    There is nothing on Teamspeak for that.

    On google use the "restrict folder size" keyworld

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