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    Solved Names of users..... (Text to Speech)

    Joining TS is a thing I like on TS.
    That was until 2 days ago, when I had to reboot my pc from scratch.
    Now it just says: player/user joined your channel, instead of, for example: woodoo joined your channel.
    Where and how do I find and install/get that feature back???

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    (Settings => Options => Notifications) Select Default Text to Speech from the dropdown.

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    thx pillbox1234567

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    User joined notifications

    How do I get the server to tell me WHO just joined the chanel or left the server. Everyone in my channel has names set, but when they move around it just says, "User has left the channel", etc.

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    Settings -> Options -> Notifications -> Default Text to speech

    Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks -> Select your Server -> more -> Sound Pack -> Default Text to Speech

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