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    Solved Downloading only Server TS 3.0.5?

    I play Arma II, and as some of you may know, There are mods like ACRE for the game to add more realistic side to the game. In matter of effect, there is one (actually the one mention above) and it is currently does not support the new TS 3.0.6.
    So, what do you do?
    I uninstalled the TS 3.0.6 that I just updated and rushed to this page, but when I downloaded the Windows 32 bit 3.0.5v (from any mirror) I got this zip file with many folders inside. I tried to launch the only .exe file I had there, but I just could not understand if this was the install or wasn't it.
    Any help would be lovely.

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    Stop server. Unzip over your old server files. Start server. All settings will remain intact.

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    Sorry if I was not clear, but I am c aclient, not a Server holder.

    Doesn't matter.. I understood what was the problem
    Any way I can find a download of 3.0.5?
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    You can download older client versions here (uninstall current version before):

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    thanks! I don't have anymore questions.

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