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    Setting Up Ranked Permissions for a guild

    Trying to create ranks on my server that can have carrying levels of administration

    The ranks go

    the problem i have right now is that officers can change their rank all the way up to president

    to explain what i want
    president - all powerful
    generals -all powerful
    officers - make officers and grunts, temp channels, ban users, respond to complaints
    grunts - speak in channels other than the lobby and listen in the public officer's channel
    guest- talk in lobby and message officers for promotion to grunt

    If anyone has a similar setup or a link that could help that would be great because my searches have been unsuccessful so far and the settings just seem to elude me.

    I'm reading the manual and hunting around but I'm just hoping for some pointers from some one who has perhaps set this up before as my current setup goes

    president - all powerful
    generals -all powerful
    officers -all powerful
    guest- talk in all but officers chat

    either way if I figure it out or you help me I'm going to record myself doing it and make a big guide of me going from setting up my amazon server to getting it working, and I promise to annunciation, have subtitles, and relevant tags.

    Server is a 32bit Linux host

    --what i have so far--
    with the advanced permissions editor i found the following

    SeverGroups > Group Name > Group > Modify
    Group Member Add Power (int) (int) example 50 50
    Needed Group Member Add Power (int) (int) example 45 45

    so if i drop the number bellow what it takes to make / remove the ranks above them then they can't self promote, thus meaning their powers go a much shorter distance.

    So now you can't exceed your rank but what about kick ban,

    I got lucky and had apparently already had that setup properly via the dummed down permissions but on the more advanced level it goes

    ServerGroups > GroupName > Client > Admin
    Client Kick From Server Power (int) (int)
    Needed Client Kick from Server Power (int) (int)

    lots of fields there but it all seems rather obvious

    Now moving onto Filing Complaints, Creating emmisary status, And (soon hopefully) cleaning this up into a respectable guide
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    Extremely bad advice! I'd urge everyone to NOT do the above!!!

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    As its name says, AdminServerQuery is a Query group.
    If you use it as Regular group, you can destroy your permissions system.
    Follow SilentStorm's advice.

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