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Thread: Crash Report

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    Dec 2011

    Crash Report

    C:\Users\Jeff\Documents\ts3_clientui-win32-1334913258-2012-04-29 22_21_13.759102.dmp

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    Apr 2012
    C:\Users\Tim\Documents\ts3_clientui-win32-1334913258-2012-04-29 19_52_15.891000.dmp

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    So, what is anyone supposed to do with these Characters, Numbers and Symbols?
    In case you did not realize: Those are local Filepaths on your local System... which in case you did not know means noone but you has access to these Files...

    If you had read the Messagebox that showed you this Message, you'd have known you were supposed to upload that file...

    Posting the Filepath does exactly nothing...

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