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    Private and public channel

    Hello im writing to You with one question. Ive got own server of TS3 and i dont know how to make a something like that: Ive got private channel, in that channel is a subchannel wich one is public. Why that subchannel is open and public to all users? Even if they dont know password on that main private channel they can enter a public subchannel. When i was using Ventrilo 2.1.4 there was like this: if u got private channel and public subchannels in that channel u need to know password to enter all those subchannels on that channel. Is something like that possible on the teamspeak like ive got on ventrilo server?

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    Currently subchannels don't inherit the parent channel password.
    But, if I remember correctly, this is pending discussion by the devs.

    However, in TS3, is used more permissions than passwords.
    In your case, you can use i_channel_join_power and i_channel_needed_join_power, to access public or private channels

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    More information about how to restrict channel access in this thread:


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