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    Red face How do you disable poking for everyone on a server?

    im really god damn fuckingh sick of idiots poking me midgame, they're either too fucking stupid to get in the channel, or is too retarded to poke someone else who's not busy. Do u have any fucking idea how annoyiong it is to be in a midle of a game and find out some dipshit poked u while ur doing somethings that are more important than that guys well being. its like such a simple feature but its so fucking complicated, i need to kno rocket science in order to disable poking. hell i bet rocket scienceis less complicated than accomplishing a simple fucking feature like this. its like i need to dissect my entire server and fuck things up trying to fix somethin. so by fixing something i create more problems then i gotta reset this shit AGAIN, then when i reset tit they ar egonna bitch and pojke me aghain when im trying to avoid it. so u mite ask? why donty u google it? because i fuckin did and there is none, the explanations are shit, it just says "yeah just turn it off in the server permissions jajaja XDXD!!!" what the fuck does that mean??? there is no poke option in the server permissions god fucking damn it. then some idiot told me to turn on advanced view(which is retarded because its in a completely reduntant place god damn), then i disable ever fucking option to poke but this shit doesnt work! its all turned off but they still can poke me. im here trying to masturbate, but i cant because these idiots keep poking me! how can i concentrate when theres a moron every 5 seconds asking me to move them to a private fucking cvhannel when i told them the password so many times, imm really god damn fucking pissed off. not only that but they also ask me the most retrarded shit ever like, im in a middle of a fucking game, getting the perfect gameplay, then some idiot pokes me saying "can i have admin plz??? jajaja XDXD", then i tell them no, and on a daily fucking routine i get poked with people asking me for admins which is retarded and homo, and i dont wanna banm they guy because its a dick move. but yeah, please help me fix this stupid shit. thank you

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    You should really read the permissiondoc.txt inside the servers doc folder! Should help you understand the way the TS3 Permission System works.
    In any case: just give your Servergroup an i_client_needed_poke_power of 75, then make sure noone on the server has i_client_poke_power of 75 or above. In other words remove everyones poke_power Permission and give yourself a needed_poke_power of 75 and noone can ever poke you again and disturb your holyness watching pr0n.

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