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Thread: bandwidth

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    Question bandwidth

    I would just like to get a clear idea of the bandwidth usage. Say I have a TS server with 2 channels with 20 people per channel. If 1 person transmitted to his channel using CELP at 640 bytes/s, would the TS server send the message to the other players on that channel and use 640*20=12,800 bytes/s of upstream bandwidth?

    Does it help save upstream bandwidth to have players on many channels rathar than just one?

    Another thing, when players talk over each other, does that effectively double the transmission rate?

    I'm going to set up a TS 2 server as soon as its released and would like it to optimize it as much as possible to hold about 50 or more players in multiple channels for WWII Online.

    I know it's a little late, but I would also like to betatest if possible.

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    As far as i understand your calculations have been about right up to a minor detail

    if there are 20 people on a channel and one is transmitting the TS Server will only send out 19*640 bytes/s because it wont transmit to the one actually sending.

    Following this logic it would reduce the bandwidth usage if you split up your 20 people channel to 4 channels that hold 5 people each because only 4*640 bytes/s will be transmited when someone is talking.

    Even when people are talking on every channel there is a slight reduction of outgoing traffic because the server will only send to 4*4 = 16 people.

    Nevertheless all this maths become obscure when you take into consideration that the people who are sending cout up against the bandwidth total as well which will lead to exactly the same ammount in the end.

    There is only one constelation which would profit from more channles.

    Assuming that you got a channel with 20 peoples in it and 15 are actually idling there and not doing anything it would save bandwith if the active players would move to another channel not that crowded.

    Overall i would say that you simpley should count up the number of players and multiply it with the bytes/s of the codec. Lots of channels might help when not all channels are constantly active but generelly its better to have a server with enough bandwidth than to realy on the fact that only 50% of the channels are going to be active. Just immagine how annoying it would be if exactly in the game-deciding moment everyone starts talking and the whole communication gets lagged.

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    thanks for the reply. So it seems that the more rooms the better... provided that transmitions are infrequent (10s/minute). I think my server can handle it. w00t!

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