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    Overlay 3.7.8 channel and/or users disappear

    I have other TS3 Overlay bug:

    Overlay doesnt work on all chanels in our TS3 serwer. Overlay works on some chanels (voice are indicated etc) but some chanels are "INVISIBLE" to overlay. When I'm on this chanel I can hear my teamamtes but overlay indicator doesn't work on this chanel.
    When I go to configure and set "Full Display" i dont see - in overlay - all chanels are on our TS3 server.

    my teamate has win xp - everything works all chanels are visible to overlay
    I have win7 64 bit - some chanels are invisible to overlay

    in previous version ewerything was ok, now API version 19 overlay version 3.7.8, TS3 version 3.0.9, win7 64 bit,
    some chanels are invisible to overlay.

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    We can reproduce this sometimes. A report has been send to our overlay developer.
    Please don't send me private messages with support questions as long I or someone else from Teamspeak Staff asked for it.
    Seriously > They belong into the forum and maybe other users have these questions/problems too.

    TeamSpeak FAQ || What should i report, when i open a client thread? || Report and upload your Crashdump here
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    I have the same Problem with the new TS3 Overlay 3.7.8,

    Since the Update from TeamSpeak 3 to v.3.0.9 the Overlay doesnt work in all Channels. After the Update ONLY the Admin Channel was show in Overlay but i wasnt in this Channel. When i switched to Admin Channel i see myself and other Admins in Overlay ingame, but when i switched to another Channel i doesent see anyone because the Admin Channel is beein shown in Overlay ingame. Than i have tried many options, and now it shows nothing. I have tried to send the Bug on the Developer Forum: but i cant register because there is NO reg. Button, only an Login Button.

    I have Windows 7 64bit, TS3 3.0.9 64bit, the latest Direct X 11 update is installed.

    I can upload the logfiles here if anyone wish to have it to send it to the Developers to help fix the problem (please say which log are need) if anyone wish because i cant register me in the Overlay Forum.

    Sorry, i am not an english Master...


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