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    Selected icon file is too large. The maximum allowed file size is 0 kB.

    hi we have some problems, we want to change te general pic ( client icon for every body) tis is what is says

    Selected icon file is too large. The maximum allowed file size is 0 kB.

    And icon maxfilesize is also 8192

    can you help us??


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    possibly overridden by channel group, check channel group permissions, client permissions etc.
    No support by PM, please use the forums. (unless a private message was explicitly requested by a TeamSpeak Staff Member)
    If a PM was requested and you do send one, be sure to include a link to the thread in question in the body of your message.
    Any private message, that was not requested and is not of sensitive / private nature, may get deleted without being read! (seriously... enough is enough)

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    fix, thanks for the info

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