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    VirtualServer Limit Reached

    Ok, so I know about TeamSpeaks Authentication Server. I have my NPL, and just shutdown all of the the servers at once on YaTQA, and I went into the CentOS Box, but everytime I start them up, no servers are active. And in YaTQA, it says "Virtual Server Limit Reached". please correct me if I am wrong, but I think I should shut the box down. Wait about 2 hours for it to go through that authentication server, and try it again. Should I do anything different? Thanks!

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    You may have multiple instances running, remember any virtual servers running on that license on whatever instance count towards the limit.

    Also when you start the instance it is advised that all virtual servers that should generally be running at all times are started automatically (have the virtualserver_autostart property set to 1).
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