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    volcommaster Guest

    What kind of microphones/headphones do I need

    I just installed teamspeak on my computer but i dont know what i need to use to be able to talk online

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    hmm wierd question.

    Any headphones and microphone will do - suit your own needs. You just need something that can record your voice and something that can play your mates voices. Logical, no ?
    You think my answer is stupid ? Read This:

    In a world without fences and walls - who needs windows and gates ?

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    Also you need a server to connect to.
    If you installed TS2 and not TS1 (You are in the TS1 Forum here) then the public Servers are listed on the Homepage. E.g.
    TS1 is no more supported and you are on your own to find/make a server vor it.

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