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    Angry hosting in win2k!!!

    i experienced the follwing problem when trying to install the teamspeak server to a win2k server...
    the program(ts server) runs only when the specific user(admin) who installed the program is logged in...

    what i need is even when i am logging off the ts server to stay up, instead of closing...
    plz help me asap..

    ps: i was told that this can be happen only if it is a service program so can i change it, and if yes how? or is it another way to do that thx
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    Go to your desktop and double-click My Computer.
    Now, double-click the Scheduled Tasks folder.
    When the folder opens, double-click Add Scheduled Task.
    This will launch a wizard that will walk you through the process.

    you can set a different user and at system-start.
    but when i log off, i allways cut my dsl-connection.

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    ok thx alot it worked!!!!

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