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    Multilevel Subchannels and other suggestions


    Teamspeak is a superb product...

    but we could use a multilayer subchannel support (more then 1 level of subchannels) a subchannel within a subchannel would be helpful feature.

    A SA command thats makes individual channel users invisible to other users in other channels (a privacy command on a channel)

    A user name title to go with the banned IP list

    SA adjustable fonts and colors for the channel names

    Anti up scrolling of the text window as whenever a member sends a typed message the window scrolls it off the screen and i have to click it back down on the task bar.

    SA toggled User Switchable added sound output effects played upon channel entry
    "You have entered a restricted area"
    "Welcome to the gaming Area"
    "Welcome to the members Area"
    "Member meeting on June 15th 9pm)
    Based on a self recorded wav files by the SA stored on the Server

    SA Programmable new user/ Regular User Audio wav file Welcome messages playable on login to server

    Yellow Flashing User attention lights (Channel commander) set for all users to request SA's attention to a area...

    Larger note pad area for typing in Channel descriptions
    (its very hard to see how it will look in the description until its posted)

    SA Selectable Privacy switch feature on channel descriptions so that they can only be viewed when a User is in the actual channel

    User toggled on/off viewing of who joined/quit information and server sounds effects.

    User toggled on/off channel information Codec & users in channel information

    SA toggled user access to the recording taskbar

    SA and CA toggled Mute all but SA and or CA in channel or Subchannel button

    User insertable Channel Jpeg images viewable as one enters a channel and togglable on/off by user

    SA Togglable poling Channel with togglable tallytotal of poll (voting area)
    and togglable user log with name of user and with recorded yes/no selection poll

    User selectable Base skins and skin colour viewing choices and layouts for teamspeak

    Do not disturb mode toggle for whispers that would say audio clip "this user is not available for the moment please try again later and would whisper text it back as well.

    A Sub Rank between SA and CA that could not kick users from server yet could Allow registry flags for new members (possibly 2 or more levels)

    anyway thats about all I would like to see except for the streaming live audio that others have mentioned elsewhere and the higher codecs ...

    Yours truly

    Kevin (Council Member Clan EMF)
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