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    setting up servers

    I am new to using teamspeak and I would like to setup a server for my gaming clan. Does this cost money?

    How do I do it? I saw the topic in the General forum but it was really confusing and kinda no offense written badly.


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    Thank you for your inquiry. As long as you are not using Teamspeak within a commercial environment, do not use Teamspeak in any way for profit, and do not exceed 100 slots on your server, there is no need to pay for licensing.

    If you are not sufficiently technically-oriented enough to set up your own server, we recommend that you rent a Teamspeak server from one of our ATHP's. This way you will have an affordable, permanent running TS server, and you will not be responsible for setting up the server yourself. You will find a listing of all Teamspeak ATHPs here:

    If you have a web space which allows you to run an application like TS, you may set it up there. After confirming with your web hosting admin that you can run Teamspeak, please complete the following steps:

    1) Upload the TS server file to the webspace (usually done by ftp,...)
    2) Follow the installation guide given either in the TS server manual (see the Teamspeak forum) or check the Linux server section and take one of the installation guides there (you can NOT do this step with only FTP access, you need to have a shell and the appropriate rights to run a server)

    If you're not sure if you have the requirements, please ask your Web space Hoster.

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    side question: may sound silly but if i have my own server does my own computer have to be on 24/7?

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    if you want your server to be available 24/7, yes.

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    Server rening is the best option as running a TS server on a home machine for a clan would mean that you would not have the upload speed needed for both TS and gaming.

    (euroteamspeak provide servers from €3 for a ten man server a month)

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