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Thread: Crash bug found

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    Crash bug found

    1. Create a channel for example "Channel 1" and a sub channel for that which i will call "Channel 2".
    2. Join "Channel 2" the sub channel.
    3. Try to remove the top channel, being "Channel 1".
    4. Say yes to removing and kicking out all users.
    5. It then kicks you out and says error.
    6. Then try to remove "Channel 1" again, and it then crashes all clients connected to the server.

    I did this a few times to make sure the method was right.

    Server Version: beta12
    Client Versions of crashed users: from beta 1 up to beta9 (all of which had crashed)
    The error it gave: "Already member of channel" (This was caused when i try to delete "Channel 1" the first time and it kicks me out).

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    Yea this is a known bug . This is fixed with next Client / Server release.
    Stay tuned.

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