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    Solved [BUG] Not the same font size in Channel Groups -> Client window


    In Channel Groups -> Client (where I can see what channel group a client belongs to in a specific channel) there are channel names with different text-size. Too long channel names appear with smaller font size but this behavior doesn't have any advantage because it doesn't fit in the window either. Please look at the attachment.
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    This is a feature of QT and no Bug.
    You have the same behavior in other dialogs too. Example is contacts > Last conencted.

    This won't be changed.

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    As I stated earlier I have beta36 installed at my home. I have RC1-pre6 at my workplace and I don't experience this issue here. Strange but thanks anyway. (besides this is an idiotic QT feature because the user won't see the end of the line no matter it is smaller or normal size)

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