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    please update weblist dante thankyou.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beca1qq4 View Post
    please update weblist dante thankyou.
    This update happens automatically in the beginning of every month.
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    IP Localization wrong


    i already posted something like that, my IP address is located in poland, but teamspeak shows me the france country flag at my clients, running on my Dedicated Windows Server, I've already contacted the third party company IP2Location, that they update their database with my IP. Now they have updated the IP in december and it should have been take affect 1st January 2017, but my clients still have the france country flag, the support of IP2Location told me to update my server but my server is running on the newest version ( (08.11.2016 09:48:33)). Somebody knows how to proceed? Do I need to update anything on my side or is it teamspeak sided?
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    Hello. I use a TeamSpeak3 server,and I have been having some trouble with my location. TeamSpeak says that I am from the United States, but I am not. I am from Canada. Please help.
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