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    Android/Mobile suggestions

    I tried using this the other day on my Android phone and I have two suggestions.

    1) Enable support for a BT headset. I have a jawbone and would love to be able to be on TS and use the jawbone to talk and listen.

    2) Speakerphone support. It makes it really hard in PTT mode to listen (phone up to ear) then take it off of my head to push the button, then go back in time to hear what people are saying.

    Other than that, it seemed to work great. I love the ability to log in with my phone now. Keep up the good work. Been using TS since I ditched Roger Wilco

    I tried the app on my original Droid and now my Droid RAZR. Works great on both of them.

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    Bluetooth is already possible! please us the search function.
    Please don't send me private messages with support questions as long I or someone else from Teamspeak Staff asked for it.
    Seriously > They belong into the forum and maybe other users have these questions/problems too.

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