Hello folks out there i might as well let you know im new to this teamspeak and online flying , all my flying has been offline .

I have been simming for about twenty seven or so years , and my set up to date is a seven monitor setup with three computers networked toghether.

i have been flying the level d 767 for several years amongs other planes 737, atr ,172, etc. but mostly the level d.

also i have been using all the software that goes with simming 2012, RCV, Flightsim comm. etc.

But as far as flying online with other pilots , i have no online flying time , and i have very little recorded viritual airline time maybe 63 hours or so.

but thats been awhile , what has stopped me is online flying , now im reeady.

how do i get started , i downloaded teamspeak and got online.

what is the next step to start flying online.

do i need to attend the acadamy before i start flying.

is there tutoriols so that i can get started.


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And where is the link with Teamspeak ?
This forum is for a Teamspeak Technical Support. Not for a game.
Wrong forum.