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    TS3 on Andriod > Battery Usage

    I looked for a forum for mobile apps but was unable to find one. Sorry if this is in wrong place. I installed the TS3 Mobile App Beta on my HTC Thunderbolt Andriod. I love the app! It works flawlessly. However, I've noticed that it is 12-13% of my battery usage even when the app is forcebly closed. I understand that this is a beta version and I hope the final is available soon but I also hope the battery usage issue can be fixed. I really appreciate apps that force close when you exit them or at least have an option to force close/exit.

    HTC Thunderbolt
    Andriod OS version 2.3.4.
    TS3 version 3.0.0-beta

    Thanks for your help

    --- Merged ---

    Hello Again,
    As I posted the above, the forum showed me similar topics and I then found the Android threads. They're under Client support > Android...seems reasonable.
    Anyway, I read where a fellow suggested uninstalling > updating OS version > Reinstall for a different issue so I tried this. I believe my phone OS updated after I installed the beta TS3. So with that in mind I uninstalled and reinstalled TS3 and now it seems to be fine. When I forcebly close TS3 it no longer uses the battery.

    Maybe someone should move this topic to the correct section and again, I'm sorry to post in wrong place.

    Thanks for making this forum available and for the great communication tool of TS3

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