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    Trouble with the skins

    First hello everyone.

    I followed the video to the installation of the skins from youtube. And i followed everything correctly. On day 1 everything worked but than the next day Teamspeak restarted itself and for some reason now i cant even get the skins working.

    After i install them directly from the addons page. Like the MW3 one, I put them straight to my desktop and than i open them. Usually a box would come up with some info on it, And than with like an Okay button to sync into TS3.

    However that box doesn't open up. I click the icon and do everything the video tells me yet, After i click the skin itself nothing happens. It loads a few seconds and than nothing happens. At all.

    So what did i do wrong? Give me something like a step by step tutorial or something.

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    this did ot work. what now

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    This does not work, when you use UAC and clicked no for the plugin installer.

    The package needs admin acces, to write into C:\Program Files. You could try to install the client under another filepath, that does not match with "C:\prg...."
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