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    Xfire causing TS3 to crash

    Hey guys, for some reason every time I log into Xfire then TS3 crashes as I join a server or do a microphone test. When Xfire is not running then there are no problems. This problem only started occurring after I reinstalled my sound drivers but does it no matter what drivers I use now. I have attached a link to the dump file.

    Any help is much appreciated as i have tried everything I can think of.



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    Quote Originally Posted by tolleya12 View Post
    I have attached a link to the dump file.

    This link goes to an image...


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    Do you have the Overlay Plugin active?
    Since both of them try to draw Interfaces in D3D Applications they could interfere with each other leading the Plugin (and thus the Client) to crash.

    If you have the Overlay active disable it, reboot and see if it is still crashing.

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    The dmp file would be helpfull, but the picture isn't.

    I guess it's the fault of your volume plugin, but we can't say it without the dumpf file.
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