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    How can I use a sqlite file placed on another directory?


    I'd like to use a sqlite file placed on another directory (say, C:\tsdb.sqlite). How can I tell the server to use that file instead of the default one? I don't see any parameter for that...


    PS: I tried creating a symbolic link but server seems to crash.

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    Symbolic Links should work just fine, as the Application itself doesn't know its not an actual File.

    Just in case you might've done it differently:

    1. Turn the TS3 Server off.
    2. Move ts3server.sqlitedb to your desired Location.
    3. Make sure that the Drive you move the Database to is loaded before the server starts. (So it is available when the Server starts up)
    4. Make sure the User running the Server has Full Access to the sqlitedb File on the new Location.
    5. run mklink ts3server.sqlitedb "Path\to\the\new\Location\ts3server.sqlitedb" (including the "")
    6. Start the Server.

    It should be working just fine.

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