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    REAL Static channels

    Thx for the nice prog dudes ! It's already the best voicecom prog available !

    Anyway, I have couple of suggestions for the final version.

    1. Please make it possible to make static channels....yes there is that register thing, but after server reboot they are all gone So implement it in final version that registered channels will be written to ini or db file. I'm lil bored of making my 4 channels again after every server restart

    2. Do not allow remove SA flag from login user "admin"...I f00ked it up 2 times already so there was no users with admin priviledges at all and I had to resinstall server again lol...

    3. In normal user level it should not be allowed to make new channels...make it an option like voice etc....

    Dunno if there is any difference in Linux & Windows versions...mine is Linux
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    1. the channels should be staying, I have rebooted mine plenty of times and the channels all stay the same

    3. you can set this in the server.ini

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    I guess u use Windows as server? I rebooted my Linux box and all my channels were gone

    So if it works in Windows server code, it can be a bug?

    How to do it in ini file? There was no any documentation in serverpackage I got.
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