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  1. Permission-system, how it work
  2. Insufficient Permissions
  3. Permission Bug
  4. What does Security level really do?
  5. Register Members
  6. idle time exceeded
  7. Group icons
  8. Setting up Permissions is VERY confusing
  9. Token Managment and Server PW
  10. Server Group permission or server setting to disable audio recording?
  11. Missing client names in Server Group window
  12. Serverpermission from 75 to 100
  13. Resolved User lose groups after reconnect (Groups are not permanent)
  14. Banning without sufficient permissions [Bug?]
  15. Channel needed join power inheritance
  16. How to register the players
  17. BUGREPORT:Channel Admin kick from server???
  18. File Transfers
  19. Struggling with tickets after reinstall.
  20. Problem while setting b_client_issue_client_query_command
  21. Server Group Templates
  22. Poking
  23. Permissions System: How to login as ServerQuery Admin?
  24. How to edit grouppermission with ServerQuery
  25. How do I pre-register users?
  26. Are there permissions for avatars
  27. Server groups Permissions
  28. Needed group modify power on a channel?
  29. Redundant?
  30. Channeladmin can kick and ban clients!?!
  31. Permission system is inconsistent
  32. How to Force PTT
  33. Setting Defaults [Help]
  34. Permission for "Glance into all channels"
  35. Bug: Adding users to server group with power from channel group
  36. password for channel isn't needed for subchannel ?
  37. Tokens without elevated rights?
  38. Server Query Permissions
  39. Permission Value Editing?
  40. Permissions
  41. Level 2 "Server Query Admin" Problem..
  42. Create Sub-Channels only on one Channel
  43. Tags for TS3?
  44. Lost server Admin permissions after Licensing TS3
  45. Copy Groups from v-server to v-server
  46. Virtual Server Settings
  47. How to give to channel admins the permission to move people
  48. adjustment for the Members
  49. after windows server restart all rights away
  50. Setting permissions when renting a server.
  51. [Bugreport] Hidden values
  52. Teamspeak edit server problems
  53. on teamspeak public
  54. How to create a sticky channelgroup?
  55. insufficient client permissions (gescheitert an b_channel_join_permanent (13672/0x356
  56. Channel Passwort
  57. Groups, Channels preventing and allowing.
  58. Disallow client connect if existent
  59. How works the File Transfers system ?
  60. Can't create Channels
  61. User Groups
  62. Iportant thing about missing username and password
  63. Permission for CA to set Client 'Priority Speaker'
  64. How To Assign a Group to a Channel
  65. Setting Permissions
  66. how to reset a virtualserver
  67. SA on mutiple server [BUG]
  68. Change the dimming power
  69. Password encryption?
  70. Stop Joining Channel
  71. [BUG] Guest can kick and ban other Guests!!!
  72. invisible channel
  73. Server Group Copies
  74. Differences between Value and Grants
  75. Limiting permissions to a single channel
  76. How to see who has Channel admin powers of what channels?
  77. Icon Identifier for Registered
  78. New Permissions ?
  79. Setting permissions
  80. Channel Admin not to promote others their permission
  81. Users can't browse files even with browse power
  82. GroupID: 3,4,5 .. for all Serves? [german plzz :D]
  83. insufficient client permissions (failed on i_channel_min_depth (12352/0x30
  84. What means that?
  85. Server Query and Admin Group Questions
  86. Locking Host Banner?
  87. Disable file transfer
  88. Poking
  89. Channel Join Power problem
  90. insufficient\sclient\spermissions failed_permid=9006
  91. Server/Group Permission Default
  92. identities are a security risk.
  93. Server Admin
  94. Rechte zuweisen, aber erstmal unterscheiden
  95. how to get the S Token back?
  96. File share in one channel only
  97. guests kick guest!
  98. Disable Recordings
  99. Template and Standart Server-Groups
  100. Hilfe ServerQuery (German)
  101. Unterwegs SA Rechte? (German)
  102. complaints not working
  103. [bug?] Can't remove own Channel Admin
  104. [german] Channel für Gruppe mit Power 75+
  105. Move Permissions & Create Sub Channel permissions
  106. Security flaw?
  107. Make "Normal" The Default Group, And Add Clients To "Normal" Automatically???
  108. Raising talk power in 2nd server
  109. CA with perm. Subchannel without channel create right not possible?
  110. Server Admin cannot write to another SA
  111. How to allow guests to join without a server pw?
  112. [german]
  113. Problem with Channel Kick
  114. Are you serious? Set locks on root and subchannel?
  115. Server Groups vs Channel groups
  116. Default permission settings?
  117. Server query login works without permissions
  118. Your Clan Settings
  119. Problem with Permissions
  120. Max clients on guest group
  121. Permissions Issue; Admin Server Query
  122. Resolved You were kicked from the server by the Server (idle time exceeded)
  123. what is this right for?
  124. Problem with server groups and channel permissions
  125. bug sub channel
  126. channel rights
  127. Lack of Documentation?
  128. Group power extends out side there assigned channels (Create channel power)
  129. Group Permissions Bug
  130. [Bug?] Cannot edit GRANT permission for b_client_issue_client_query_command
  131. Force permission level?
  132. Restrict server admins?
  133. Restrict To Create Sub Channels Only?
  134. gain full access to all settings
  135. make a client a priority speaker
  136. Allow users to move (drag) other people
  137. limit space
  138. Please unbann me
  139. Chanel Permissions - AFK Room
  140. Client Private Message Power
  141. permissions problem
  142. Setting up and verifying Admin rights. TS3
  143. channel description, more stuff.
  144. [solved] Make a user inside a channel invisible
  145. insufficient client permissions (gescheitert an i_client_max_channel_subscriptions
  146. Help useing a few query commands
  147. GroupRanks/Priority
  148. Permission help
  149. Totally lost...
  150. Allowing specific groups joining channel
  151. Copy/Past group
  152. 'Invisible' login
  153. Stealing nicknames
  154. Suggestion: Adjustable expiration of created tokens
  155. duplicate Server/Channel groups?
  156. Default Server Group
  157. Guest have a power to give himself a ChannelAdmin rights
  158. Create token by php script and mysql
  159. Unable to kick Admin
  160. Permission issue
  161. Stuck Channel
  162. Set Priority Speaker Permission
  163. Template of Channel permissions for new creating channel
  164. log level permission
  165. [Idea] Reset Permission to Default
  166. [BUG-TS3]File Upload Power in Channel Permissions have global effects.
  167. Users Visible
  168. Permissions Situation/Strategy
  169. Regarding Pre-Registration
  170. Suggestion: Permissions Reset
  171. Weird Channel Admin permissions
  172. Permit low-version clients to connect?
  173. Whisper to Permissions
  174. CA - Creating only sub-channels
  175. One user is unable to type in the chat dialogue
  176. Option Give GlobalServer Group to some1
  177. Question about tokens
  178. Problem with Groups
  179. Misunderstanding or failing? - Permissions
  180. Clients per IP
  181. TS3 Permission settings ?
  182. How do i disable filetransfer
  183. template and server query groups
  184. Tokens- user reinstalls ts3
  185. Channel Admin can create Sub-Channels in other channels
  186. Couple Permissions questions
  187. Users don't stay in assigned server groups?
  188. Kick user from channel permission?
  189. Banning members from chat channel
  190. Resolved How do I disable Guest pokes?
  191. Permission template
  192. Morfi permission requests
  193. [Guide] Permission System
  194. Silencing Teamspeak viewer "connect/disconnect to server"
  195. How can you make Servergroups permanent?
  196. Create Sub-Channels only in one channel?
  197. Priority Speaker: What does it do exactly?
  198. Deny Access to older clients
  199. [Question] Kick/Ban Player
  200. Help with talk power and join power grants
  201. Problems with Group Permissions!
  202. "New Channels" I can not see people, How?
  203. upgrade to beta 9 and lost account
  204. Oh God Please Help
  205. acces subchannel
  206. How to deny switch channel rights for guests?
  207. Seeking Dutch users for help...
  208. [feature-request] A list of all users on the server
  209. Hosting restriction change max clients
  210. How to allow to see all Members ?
  211. One Channel Only for One Groupe ??
  212. no record for groups
  213. How to use TS3 auth system in a preexisting user base
  214. Token problem: "database empty result set"
  215. Group Permission Masks
  216. Assign Users to a Specific Server Group
  217. join power
  218. Join Power permissions
  219. How toget this working
  220. Permission function
  221. Set my own Talk Power ????
  222. How do we give Permissions on File Transfer
  223. Server Problem/Question
  224. Disable Sending Text Message to Server for everyone but SA
  225. ts3clientui_qt.secrets.conf question
  226. right click -> set server rights ?
  227. Strange behavior
  228. Talk Power /Channel Groups?
  229. Idle Time Kick.
  230. insufficient client permissions (failed on i_channel_min_depth (12352/0x3040))
  231. who make a QoS for TS3
  232. Need help with a question i have
  233. [no bug] default server group
  234. I'm a newb and yes, I'm confused.
  235. No permission set but clients can still kick?
  236. Permission ID to names translation table?
  237. Group-specific rights
  238. Server and channel Admin How to.
  239. Sub Channels and permission inheritance
  240. Insufficent permission issue
  241. Different Channels for different user groups
  242. Template Group not Working?
  243. Channel Groups - How to use them? How to add clients to them?
  244. Guest that created a temporary channel can permanently ban people from the server
  245. Default-Channel schützen
  246. skip, value, negate
  247. Guest Server Query not working?
  248. Permission Skip issues
  249. The Point of Channel Groups?
  250. Client Move Power and Channel Groups