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  1. When i speak my voice is messed up
  2. Excellent Job
  3. Big oversight
  4. Resolved Hotkeys do not work
  5. [Solved] Pathes for Sound-Packs or Skins
  6. Resolved Cannot Save Settings
  7. [Bug] 3D sound configuration test sound doesn't work
  8. [BUG] Beta 6 Client And TCP Query Connections Blank Space
  9. Voice activation - Enforcing push-to-talk
  10. Confusing context menus
  11. Keys 'sticking'
  12. [BUG] Client Crash changing channel permisions (Perm to Temp on Empty Channel)
  13. [BUG] Crash when dragging a folder to the File Viewer
  14. Adding new Keybinding does not work (Client stuck)
  15. stopping the verbal notification?
  16. Mac User - TS3 doesnt work in background
  17. Client freezes after startup
  18. [Solved] Choosing Icon Pack
  19. no connection to any server
  20. Suddenly no/very silent sound with headset
  21. [Fixed?] Weblinks and the Mac
  22. my voice sounds like Mikey Mouse
  23. Priority Speaker Issue
  24. Push to Talk Key
  25. Help to ban and edit a channel pls...
  26. MacBook Pro Built-In Microphone doesnot work
  27. Help with why i can't hear peeps!!
  28. could not reactivate capture device
  29. Getting rid of Voice Announcements on Mac system
  30. mic. mute / active .. toggle. (?)
  31. Cannot speak
  32. Constant beeping, need help to remove please
  33. Resolved How do you make the teamspeak upper tabs re-appear again?
  34. missing options button
  35. help
  36. Loading problems
  37. Mac Hotkeys
  38. upon update found that the mic and playback device did not work i mac
  39. hotkey for whisperlist not working when TS3 in background
  40. Where is the "use token" menu
  41. Hotkey not working, while TS is not in foreground
  42. [Fixed] ts3 crash at launch on 10.6
  43. No Options available on SETTINGS
  44. Duplicate Accented Characters
  45. Bad sound recording on Macbook Pro
  46. Mic is suddenly garbled
  47. G19+osx+ts3=0
  48. TS3 Suddenly Crashing And Closing
  49. [solved] How does file transfer work?
  50. Changing users' avatars
  51. Teamspeak Won't Open
  52. [Solved?] Failed to connect to server
  53. Strange choppy mic issue
  54. Can't see Jpg's avatars, banners...
  55. Very weird Teamspeak glitch???
  56. How can I change Apple+W back to it's standard action?
  57. [Solved] Voice Activation not working
  58. Teamspeak crashes immediately on opening
  59. [solved] Dont have Folder to put skins in
  60. Ts3 + Built-In Mic (iMac early 2010) not working
  61. TS doesn't work in background
  62. Global Hotkeys not Working-Universal Access Selected
  63. Upgrading OS problem
  64. proxying teamspeak blacklist check
  65. TS3 Client crashing
  66. Resolved Problem Audio TS3+MAC HELP PLEASE :(
  67. Client Connection page missing from Download
  68. Update fails
  69. Teamspeak-Voice doesn't work
  70. Teamspeak3 acting strange
  71. Problem with my TS3
  72. TS3 crashing on a mac - No dump reports
  73. Debug mode
  74. Add Plugins
  75. OSX, can't find the G15 plug in
  76. Client timed out
  77. Other people getting muted when i talk
  78. Caps lock as push to talk
  79. connect and....restart computer?
  80. Failed to connect to server on 10.6.7
  81. Resolved [Quick Help] Mac Client --> Windows Server
  82. Resolved "Too many clones already connected" with different IPs/Macs with Migration Assistant
  83. Problem with Txt to Speech
  84. Ingame Overlay?
  85. Resolved Where are Private Chat Logs
  86. No capture / playback?
  87. Teamspeak is extremely slow!
  88. no port in connection area + voice test BO
  89. Mac OS X 10.5.8 on Teamspeak 3
  90. How to play music in TS 3 on a Mac?
  91. High CPU Usage even after disconnecting
  92. Tabs not working
  93. Windows open in top left corner
  94. Resolved Teamspeak settings reset
  95. Pls help me out!
  96. Version Problem help me :)
  97. Mac Specific FAQ
  98. Client Crashes and Revokes my server Ranks.
  99. Client crashes when starting EVE online
  100. Push to Talk not working when I am not using TeamSpeak
  101. Resolved Serverfavorites MacOSX?
  102. Is the Volume Control plugin ever coming for Mac?
  103. Teamspeak client crashed on Mac Os X Lion when headphones are disconnected
  104. Push-To-Talk Key doesn't work
  105. MacOS Client now refuses to open other audio devices
  106. Mac OS Crashed (3.0.0)
  107. CPU heating up when running TS3
  108. Resolved Window size
  109. Mac clients getting tempbanned on Linux server with CSF
  110. On Todo Mac OS X Lion ----- Can not save settings Bug
  111. Microphone/headphones disabled
  112. Game sounds are not being played when ts3 was opened?
  113. USB headset not working in TS3
  114. Uninstalling Teamspeak
  115. Audio In
  116. Crash on 3.0.2
  117. Resolved TeamSpeak & Mac sound doesn't work
  118. TS 3.0.2 crash on Lion 10.7.2
  119. TS 3 Won't Update on Mac LION
  120. Microphone echoes on Macbook Pro
  121. Some sounds in headset, some in speakers
  122. IRC for Mac
  123. Can't speak with TS3
  124. Capture Profile, Playback Profile and Identities not recognized [Mac OSX Lion]
  125. Please!, help needed.
  126. Text Glitch?!
  127. Teamspeak Freezes
  128. Audio quality on MacOS X, but not on Windows
  129. No Bug Window bug on TS3 Mac Version
  130. Blocked for port scanning
  131. Can I mute mic on startup or on auto-connect?
  132. Resolved Failed to connect
  133. Soundpack
  134. Ts3 Keeps Crashing
  135. Constant "Core Audio" errors in Console
  136. Speakers / Headphones disabled, microphone disabled on teamspeak?
  137. Resolved Client Expanding Automatically
  138. Dock Bug
  139. keyboard turns off
  140. Sound stuttering after installing Mountain Lion 10.8
  141. Universal Access on ML
  142. Mac OS X Client can't connect to TS3.0.6 64 Bit Win Server
  143. how to connect
  144. TS3 Client Problem Mac *pls help*
  145. Restore Identies on Mac without .ini
  146. Mute/Deafen Glitch
  147. Connecting Error
  148. Huge Client Lag with Arrow Icons
  149. Mic only works while Teamspeak is the active application.
  150. Connect multiple clients on a single mac to the same server
  151. TS on mac with World of tanks
  152. After Crash nothing settings there
  153. Connect to Server in new Tab from Serverlist with middle mousebutton
  154. Avatars/icons not showing...
  155. CPU Usage
  156. Resolved New OS X Downloads from both Mirrors 'Damaged', unable to open
  157. Resolved Can't upload icons to the server whit the new Mac-Client (3.0.10)
  158. 'TeamSpeak 3' Contest Menu in German text -- on English install. (Ver. 3.0.10)
  159. Cannot connect to any server because of cable network
  160. Microfon allways deactivated!
  161. Audio off when writing
  162. Microphone?
  163. Logitech support on mac?
  164. Wont do the update
  165. Can receive but not transmit
  166. Install Mass EH Tools on Mac
  167. [Help please] No ability to change settings?
  168. Problem puting Push-to-talk
  169. headset deactivated after 1 minute connected
  170. "robotic" from time to time
  171. Teamspeak shuts down when I try to connect to a server
  172. Resolved Mac TS Not Responding
  173. Transferring bookmarks from Windows to Mac
  174. Resolved Crashing on connection
  175. Failed to connect
  176. Resolved TS3 client no longer detecting sound devices
  177. Problem with trackpad (always double click in browser game) while ts 3 running.
  178. TS Client Font Issues
  179. [Mac OS X] Right-Klick on any favorite
  180. wont load on Mac
  181. Connection refused
  182. Appscanner Help Needed
  183. Trouble with Razer Kraken 7.1 and teamspeak 3 on Mac OS X
  184. Bind NumLock to mic mute on OS X?
  185. Crash after connection please help!
  186. TeamSpeak 3 Client Won't Open
  187. Canīt connect to a server
  188. Opening tabs
  189. Client crashing during update
  190. Sound Packs
  191. TeamSpeak 3 Quit Unexpectedly.
  192. Mavericks 10.9 TS3 Using Significant Energy Mac Air 2013
  193. **Feature Request** Mac OSX 10.9 Push Notifications
  194. **Feature Request**: microphone muted on startup
  195. Failed to connect to server
  196. Sticky caps lock ptt
  197. Extrem badly voice sound of my micro
  198. Failing to Resolve Hostname Issues
  199. Sound Pack Volume Control Doesn't work.
  200. Failure to Update
  201. TeamSpeak Quits upon opening due to Update
  202. Hotkeys going crazy
  203. TS not finding internal mike
  204. How to do Client Side mixing using Audio Midi Setup on Mac
  205. Update Failure
  206. Resolved How do i restart the setup wizard?
  207. Sennheiser U 320 headset supposedly supports TS with special button - not working
  208. Failed to connect to server!!! HELP!
  209. Input EQ
  210. Client immediately crashes upon launching
  211. [-!-] ram spike flood [-!-] Mac OSX
  212. [OSX 10.10 Yosemite DP1] Teamspeak Chat sending every character twice
  213. Not possible Changing IP address
  214. Freezing Problems
  215. Clicks sustaining
  216. Resolved TeamSpeak 3 on Mac - Can't Replace Sound Files - Need Help
  217. teamspeak doesn't pick up mic.
  218. I am new to TeamSpeak
  219. sound muted when clicking ????
  220. How to connect to a server?
  221. -nosingleinstance argument on osx
  222. I am having trouble installing TS 3
  223. Crashing after starting
  224. Reporting Mac / OS X bugs?
  225. Teamspeak cannot write to the configuration file
  226. ; Cannot Resolve Hostname Error
  227. Teamspeak 3 Server Tab problem
  228. Cannot use my headset microphone
  229. How do I change hotkeys?
  230. TS3 stuck on screen
  231. Mic doesn't work at all
  232. Can't connect
  233. failed to connect to server.
  234. [HELP ASAP] Can't Connect to server.
  235. OS X capture device bug - mic goes mute
  236. Can't connect to servers
  237. PTT Noise options?
  238. Resolved Can't connect to servers, PLEASE HELP! (log attached)
  239. Can't keep connection or connect to servers
  240. Can't set up "Push to talk"
  241. Entering guild TS3 details
  242. Every time I try to join a server it says 'Failed to connect to server'!
  243. I only connect to number IP's
  244. TS3 and OS X 10.10
  245. Resolved My PTT does not work
  246. Resolved Mouse-click mute/unmute my mic
  247. TS3 Memory leak/problem on iMac
  248. TS 3 3.0.16 on OS X 10.10 no drop down boxes work (fresh install)
  249. Sleep problem
  250. Microphone echo on Bootcamp / Macbook bro retina 2012 OS Win7