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  1. Example client
  2. VB.Net
  3. Ts3 dll
  4. Intercepting onClientMoved
  5. vb.net function
  6. VB.Net DLL Import
  7. anyID = UInt32
  8. [Solved] more than 30 slots ?
  9. Listen and talk in multiple channels
  10. Streaming to a TS channel on server
  11. [Solved] vb or c net
  12. Control voice input to multiple serverhandles
  13. SDK Licensing cost
  14. Getting started with TS3 SDK (ts3_sdk and ts3client_pluginsdk)
  15. ClientLib SDK with Delphi
  16. Coupling Teamspeak and Asterisk (or other SIP software)
  17. Multiple clients from one machine (see also coupling of TS with SIP/asterisk)
  18. how to grab audio data for client
  19. TeamSpeak 3 SDK update
  20. No event for picking up a whisper?
  21. serverIp in ts3server_createVirtualServer
  22. C# .NET device list
  23. Integrating with Unreal Engine 3 using UnrealScript/C?
  24. Need to bundle with ts3client_winXX.dll and fmodex.dll
  25. PTT and Input deacvitated
  26. [Solved] CLIENT_IS_MUTED doesn't work
  27. Crash start-up - licensekey.dat
  28. Client destroyServerConnectionHandler
  29. Client joining event?
  30. push to talk problem
  31. Psapi.dll
  32. [Solved] Use SDK 3 callbacks in C++
  33. [Solved] A bug in connection function ?
  34. Multi server connection
  35. 1>LINK : fatal error LNK1181: can not open file“ts3server_win32.obj”
  36. Create new channel
  37. [Solved] How to Integrate SDK in a C# program ?
  38. Who talk to who
  39. SDK compatibility
  40. ts3client_destroyClientLib exits executable
  41. ts3server_flushVirtualServerVariable
  42. Adaptation for other than C/C#
  43. Permission on a certain channel
  44. Unable to run SDK Example software
  45. SDK Example-How do i get connected to Server
  46. TeamSpeak SDK in C#
  47. server gives error for client init'd channel move -- bug or feature??
  48. example server: exception on start up
  49. Tcp udp
  50. Performance: Whisper Lists vs. Multiple Connections
  51. Team Speak 3 Channel Images & Icons Images replacement on a server
  52. Echo Canceling
  53. When talking not able to hear other conv...
  54. SDK licence question
  55. Headset
  56. Now what to do.. (How to use the SDK)
  57. Problem with Teamspeak³
  58. side tone sound for sdk client apps??
  59. How to use SDK clients on PC with two audio dewices with same name?
  60. Q: SDK client: identity & file required or not??
  61. filr browser
  62. TS3 Admin Client?
  63. requestClientSetWhisperList
  64. How to close established connection(delete client)
  65. Preprocessor AGC Options
  66. Sounds for every single buddy would be awesome!
  67. Boost threading exception on
  68. C# Client
  69. Client Side Callback after ts3server_clientMove?
  70. Mute a Client by Server?
  71. Whisper List - New Behavior in beta6?
  72. Sound problem
  73. How to use test plugin to add a user to perticular server/channel group?
  74. 3.0.0 development question
  75. best way to implement separate whisper PTT?
  76. requestSendPrivateTextMsg
  77. 3D sound configuration questions
  78. Resolved [ERROR]invalid sdk type found
  79. How exactly are you using this in C#?
  80. examples problems
  81. How to mute all clients included own ?
  82. Channel created server callback : can't get parent channel id
  83. A Question
  84. Cancel or deny client operations
  85. Connects / Disconnects
  86. [PLUGINSDK] Preprocessor PTT Delay
  87. [PLUGINSDK] Undocumented flushClientSelfUpdates argument
  88. No connection (SDK to SDK) via Internet - LAN works (Linux), Win-Client works, too
  89. when the ts3's client sdk in andoroid platform will be released
  90. Server crashes
  91. Resolved PInvokeimbalance (C#, SDK 3)
  92. Resolved ts3client_win32.dll not working with .NET managed
  93. Voice recording
  94. Problem
  95. Resolved [not possible] Testing SDK
  96. SDK build client Want to connect to pre-built server.
  97. exception in ts3client_destroyClientLib()
  98. SDK & multithreading
  99. TS3 SDK3 on VS 2010 IDE
  100. Ts2-3 fsinn fsx
  101. How to send audio message without Talking First?
  102. SDK to SDK example over internet not working.
  103. Create a Channel from the Server
  104. 3D sound in surround/stereo?
  105. requestClientMove() invokes wrong callback then crashes
  106. tsClient Disconnects with no Error
  107. Problem calling ts3client_getChannelList function after onDelChannelEvent
  108. LockUp on Exit/Destroy: onConnectStatusChangeEvent + Connection
  109. Listen and talk in multiple channels
  110. Voice Morphing?
  111. Connection to server failed! HELP PLS
  112. AccessViolation with x86 in ts3server_minimal_sample
  113. Cleaning up Unused Channels
  114. Bug in onClientMoved() Callback Sequence?
  115. ts3client_getChannelIDFromChannelNames() Question
  116. Client Visibility in TS3 SDK
  117. Push-to-Talk
  118. Is there a way to identify servers over several runs of ts3?
  119. [.NET] Hook TS3 for looking events
  120. SDK Update
  121. Resolved Voice Recording, general
  122. Plugin requesting client permission level.
  123. Php to Add client
  124. Advice on a buzzing sound
  125. SDK 3.0.1 and IPv6
  126. Connection problem
  127. CHANNEL_CODEC and others have no effect
  128. TS3 SDK for iOS Client
  129. Resolved onEditCapturedVoiceDataEvent issues
  130. Problem using Callbacks with C++ (member function)
  131. Resolved Problem with ts3client_openCaptureDevice, returns ERROR_undefined
  132. Resolved [not possible] Unable to connect to standard ts3 server
  133. What is what, and how do you get a plugin instead of an executable
  134. Resolved Does TeamSpeak integrate with Unity 3D?
  135. Is this possible to do?
  136. Question| Does TeamSpeak integrate and able to use in Unity 3D engine?
  137. Failed connection initialisation
  138. Earmark voice packages
  139. On Todo Message from Server to Client
  140. On Todo Server kick Client
  141. onEditMixedPlaybackVoiceDataEvent produces bad sound
  142. QtOpenGL.dll in default installation
  143. ASIO support in TS3 SDK
  144. Error when trying to change the maximum clients allowed in the virtual server
  145. Creating complex GUI with Plugin
  146. Reading Client data externally
  147. Resolved TS3 SDK out of date?
  148. SDK for IOS/Android
  149. Adjusting Teamspeak3 for gaming
  150. Failed to use playback / capture devices
  151. How to put Teamspeak Server Status on our Guild Webpage
  152. TeamSpeak3 Icons
  153. Delphi XE4 and Win64 changes
  154. Using All the Slots
  155. Determing Ports using TS3
  156. Question regarding sendPluginCommand
  157. Permissions old overview
  158. Change/get client status?
  159. When is the client CLIENT_META_DATA variable updated?
  160. UDP vs. TCP
  161. Problems while creating a plugin..
  162. Automatic change of description Script
  163. Blocking behaviour of ts3client_destroyServerConnectionHandler
  164. Move permission on channel
  165. device not registered/known
  166. I am looking for Delphi 7 and X3 the current API version 19
  167. Fully implemented SDK server??
  168. Teamspeak 3.0.2 + Unity 3D Standalone - Failed Assertion 'static_cast' on Mac OS X
  169. Custom Badges ( Not Icons )
  170. Is it possible to create a VB 2010 lib for accessing teamspeak 3 via the SDK?
  171. How to get all channel connected clients id ?
  172. SDK: Voiceactivation-Level not sensible enough, no matter what settings
  173. I can't connect to my Teamspeak 3 SDK server
  174. SDK Documentation Error
  175. Change server group through sdk? How?
  176. Client Icon ASAP
  177. Resolved TeamSpeak SDK - Server version is 3.0.2?
  178. TeamSpeak 3 Chat Censor Possible?
  179. Using Netbeans
  180. Problem to compile the Main.c
  181. Allow the registration of a user through an API
  182. Doubt about running the SDK minimal client with aother client
  183. Client in multiple channels feasible?
  184. ts3client_getClientList C# reference error
  185. Not possible TS3 Server - Complete list of actionable signals sent to clients
  186. Confusing behavior - onUpdateClientEvent
  187. Unexpected talk events (server side)
  188. 3D Sound doubt in function parameters
  189. Channel_flag_are_subscribed
  190. Using two input devices at once in Teamspeak
  191. Creating Whispers Lists
  192. Custum Capture Device(s) with Default Playback Device
  193. Plugin SDK documentation, how to createIdentity
  194. ts3plugin - test_plugin - newChannelID always returning 0
  195. User avatar
  196. microphone on/off with teamspeak sdk
  197. Traffic in/out of all server instances (php)
  198. Integrate 3D Sound
  199. Not possible Interoperability between "normal" and SDK client/server
  200. Using of custom capture device
  201. Server not receive CLIENT_META_DATA from android client
  202. The endless search for the SDK documentation
  203. Missing ChannelProperties Documentation
  204. serverlib 32 and 64
  205. [API] Mono sound expansion appears to happen AFTER onEditMixedPlaybackVoiceDataEvent
  206. TeamSpeak SDK Control feature:
  207. Communication rules "Who can I talk to?"
  208. Not possible ts3client_createIdentity
  209. which way is bet to choose the output sound channel (Left,Right, Front Left...)
  210. Time in channel
  211. Dieplays All output channels availables
  212. Evaluation Error from Server when Muting the client output
  213. Do not change Devices when plug and unplug headset or Mi
  214. Client MetaData not updating before server connection
  215. Intel Galileo TS3 SDK Linux Client x86 Minimal Sample Microphone input is broken
  216. Not possible Direct access to sound data?
  217. Getting client list right after a new server connection
  218. Type of AES Encryption used
  219. Where are the newest plugin.c and plugin.h files?
  220. Resolved INFODATA_BUFSIZE increased
  221. Soundbackend files for Android SDK
  222. Hearing microphone/CustomCaptureData through PlaybackDevice
  223. TS3-Server(API) Channel talk power
  224. Windows phone 10 SDK
  225. Resolved TS3-Client(API) How to disable the logging?
  226. How to usage TeamSpeak Client .dll in java with JNA
  227. Help with 3D positioning (code attached)
  228. Would I could use Unreal Engine to Teamspeak SDK!
  229. SDK Windows Client
  230. A couple questions...
  231. [SDK] How get client ip from server
  232. Access the Client with C#
  233. Whispering AND 3D Sound? Common way?
  234. 3D Sound - distanceFactor and rolloffScale research, explain please!
  235. SDK Examples for C#?
  236. Not Supported TS3 SDK static libs
  237. Get channel ID from channel topic
  238. Using sdk in Java
  239. Seeking for help with Client SDK
  240. SDK Client - TSCOMMAND_SOLVE_PUZZLE data too large
  241. SDK In Android(Java) :Error getting soundbackends...
  242. How to change codec quality
  243. Not possible Can I connect to ts3_sdk_3.0.3.2 server with the TS3 windows client?
  244. ts3server_flushVirtualServerVariable(serverID) gives AccesViolationExeption
  245. voice on separate virtual servers generating interference
  246. is ts3client_flushClientSelfUpdates() "reliable"??
  247. Resolved startConnection 519 could not validate client identity
  248. About Android Client
  249. Unreal Engine 4 plugin, device not registered/known
  250. Not possible TeamSpeak error: failed connection initialization