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  1. Client: "XP on Mac" Slowmotion when using TeamSpeak
  2. [Bug] 64-Bit and Permissions
  3. No Bug Balance Issue with Logitech G35 and G930
  4. b_client_force_push_to_talk BUG
  5. BUGREPORT: Permissions system
  6. [Bug] Identity import/export filename extension
  7. [Bug] 3d sound configurator spawning new test users
  8. Found a bug
  9. Teamspeak 3 Bug
  10. [BUG] Username not showing in rights window
  11. Bugreport: Channel Admin bug
  12. Bug: Program disappears when minimized
  13. [Buglist]
  14. Maybe a Bug
  15. [Major Bug]Causes entire server crash, and client...
  16. Bug: G15 Plugin
  17. Bug: Client not showing in permissions
  18. Bug Reports!!!
  19. Bug? Quality problem with Voice Activation
  20. Bug? Server dieing getFailedLocks()
  21. Bug: G13 and Push-To-Talk
  22. Beta 2 bug? server name edit
  23. [Fixed] Winamp plugin not doing anything.
  24. BUG after PC Restart
  25. Teamspeak 3 Bugs
  26. [Bug] Whisper to nonexistant User
  27. Bug? Token System
  28. BUG: testusers in 3D sound setup
  29. Server Group Bug?
  30. bug ts3 beta 3
  31. [fixed] clientmove from different channels
  32. Anti-Spam Bug?
  33. BUG: Mic Clicks
  34. [Fixed Beta20] TS3 still makes noises when muted
  35. BUG? Repeated query client connect/diconnect
  36. Bug with Pause/Break Hotkey
  37. filetransfer and db bug
  38. Resolved Bugusing
  39. [Bug?] userscan give themselves NO name
  40. no hotkey switching to channels with a "/"
  41. [Bug] Datatransfers
  42. [bug] Error when adding users to server groups
  43. [Bug] Message truncated
  44. [no BUG] with Logitech G35 Headset - TS3 Client(beta0-9) brings Right speaker to beep
  45. [Bug] Minimized state out of sync
  46. [Minor Bug] Move Chat Tabs out of Visibility
  47. "Push-to-Talk" Bug
  48. [BUG] Look in all Channels
  49. [BUG] Little Problem with temporay bans
  50. invalid channel password Bug
  51. [BUG] MAC (Intel) Recording issues
  52. Crash bug found
  53. Bug? Critical Assertion....
  54. [Solved] Bug: Test Phonetic name plays over default sounddevice
  55. Display bug in server permission window
  56. Resolved TeamSpeak Query servernotifyregister
  57. TCQ Query buggy ?
  58. Banner bug
  59. No Bug Security Level/Identification level
  60. wipsher bug
  61. [Fixed] Banned ServerQuery client still visible
  62. [BUG] Security Problem with relative DT_RPATH
  63. BUG manual toggle mic
  64. Resolved Kick from Channel
  65. [Fixed] Abwesend
  66. No Bug While virtual server is offline... flooding logs..
  67. [Solved] Bug? Random ordering of players in TS3
  68. Bug - sort of in permission system
  69. [BUG ?] CA, switch channels, ignore passwords
  70. [BUG] BF Bad Company 2 & Logitech G35
  71. [BUG] Beta 13 Windows 32-Bit
  72. [No Bug] Conflict between Dolby usb soundcard and ts3
  73. [Solved] [NoBUG] Get a clone of yourself *lol*
  74. [Bug] Filebrowser does not open if perm is set to 0
  75. [No bug] able to start multiple instances
  76. Bug in permission system panel
  77. [BUG] Filetranfser
  78. [Fixed] Bug report: Sleep mode
  79. Bug? Distortion after 1 day or so connection
  80. [Solved - NoBug] Bug in TS3 Server (Creating Token)
  81. Bug; deleted Server Group, improper stuff on page
  82. Need some help with a Celt mono bug
  83. [Fixed] delete own ban and own complain
  84. [Solution] Bug Report: failed to load capture device..
  85. Bug on multi-IP TS3 servers
  86. Whisper bug in beta 18?
  87. [On Todo] Channel Chat stays open upon Switching Channels
  88. Possible BUG: key detection in beta17
  89. [Solved?] Channel icon display bug?
  90. [Solved - No Bug] Serverquery and Permissions
  91. [BUG] Clients Online
  92. [Fixed] New message icon shown after s.b. rejoined
  93. BUG? - Connection Problems since 2 Weeks
  94. Bug ? Avatar Remove
  95. [Fixed in Beta18] Friennd-Foe system bug/probloms.
  96. [BUG] Banner will not show in client
  97. [BUG] File Browser
  98. Problems with inverted comma in log
  99. [BUG]Connection error with screenshots
  100. [Overhaul incomming] Server Wide Announcement (w/ Whisper List) crash
  101. [BUG] beta18pre Update available
  102. [Solved no BUG] clientdblist
  103. Bug: Right click user, Set Server Groups
  104. Client, Windows CPU Load Bug
  105. View Icons not showing all icons
  106. No Bug illogical server message
  107. channel highlight beta 21
  108. (DB issue?) ServerAdmin group behaves strangly
  109. [Fixed] Beta18 & BFBC2
  110. [Visual Bug, Not huge deal] Away Status Location
  111. [Not a bug, solved] mysql creat_tables
  112. Glitch in text chat with the ¨ and ` modified characters
  113. Problems with Team Speak working in Combat Arms
  114. [On Todo] Voice send indicator sometimes not working?
  115. Harmless assertion in Teamspeak3 client
  116. client_icon_id
  117. clientpermlist
  118. [Fixed] Wrong text in TTS when client switches away
  119. server_win64 beta 21
  120. Filetransfer info
  121. [Fixed] Invalid UTF-8 string passed to function, returning as-is
  122. Version 10609 conflict with WoW launcher
  123. [BUG] Push to Talk: Speak without pust PTT Button
  124. System kicks off after60 seconds
  125. ts3beta18 client freezes
  126. Cannot load TS3, Error Message
  127. Linux 64bit Beta 21 - Ubuntu 8.04 - MySQL - Segfault on shutdown
  128. [BUG]Channel Admin can move subchannel to anywhere on server
  129. Mac client cpu hog
  130. [No Bug]Incorrect message when changing permanent channel to temp when not subscribed
  131. Whisper function and crashing program
  132. TS3 not updating :-(
  133. [Solved] TeamSpeak 3 Stops Working In Game
  134. [Solved] Acer Aspire 7730G - Password bank / fingerprint sensor problem
  135. [Fixed] temp channel with (semi-)perm sub channel bug
  136. Beta22pre linux fails to run.
  137. [Fixed] URL encoded characters passed from links
  138. Group Icons
  139. [No BUG] Channel Admin after set to Group: User
  140. [No Bug] Complains ot Complaints?
  141. [Fixed Beta21] Client beta20 G19&G15 bug
  142. Icons are chopped off when viewing icons
  143. Beta 22 Bug - invalid clientID/database empty result set errors
  144. Bugs in latest client
  145. Whispering only works in same channel now
  146. [Fixed] "update avaible"
  147. Images not updating when changed.
  148. Dos game bug.
  149. [Solved] [BUG] Chimpmunk voice
  150. TS3 doesnt open
  151. [Possible BUG] database empty result set when seaching own dbid
  152. TS3 Crash
  153. [bug]Check mark does not show in servergroup menu
  154. micropone mutes an reactivates itself every 30 seconds
  155. App Scanner not filtering out apps run by other users on PC
  156. [NoBug no english] License path in file ts3server.ini
  157. teamspeak conflect Guild wars
  158. "Loading image" / "Failed to parse icon ..."
  159. [on Todo] disconnect by lose packet
  160. [Solved] TS3 deactivates sounds
  161. Long-connected users randomly drop out
  162. Error message when starting TS3
  163. Sound mutes when pressing push-to-talk
  164. Volume lowers longer they talk.
  165. Random TS3 Crash
  166. After server delete a temporary channel automatically, server crashed
  167. Startup Debug Message
  168. Can not ban forever - maybee it is bug
  169. [BUG] Sub-Channel earn no Temporary Channel rights.
  170. keep crashing
  171. [Fixed] I can open Teamspeak multiple times.
  172. Playing a game ts times out
  173. Changing serveradmin password creates duplicate entry in TS DB
  174. no set banner server and icon button
  175. Can't choise audio device on native language
  176. [solved No bug]Bug when I speak
  177. [Solved] Unable to delete Grant Value through Query Login
  178. [Not Fixable] Wacom incompatibilites
  179. [Implemented] Some Hints 4 Linux Client
  180. [Fixed] Disconnect Problem "invalid clientID: 0"
  181. [Solved] Bookmarks Menu not keeping changes
  182. Client disconnected / connection lost / permmanager
  183. anti spam measure
  184. Asus Xonar soundcard in Win 7 x64
  185. channel subscription not saved for default channel
  186. [Fixed] Disconect bind doesnt work
  187. Text to speech output on wrong device
  188. [On Todo] Application Scanner not detecting Steam
  189. Don't know what to call this
  190. Default Admin?
  191. [Fixed] TS3 is randomly muting some few clients (users)
  192. (IMPORTANT) My computer freezes and I can do nothing more please help
  193. Push to talk bug
  194. Teamspeak 3 volume issue in FSX
  195. Pen Tablet & Latest Update
  196. disconnected
  197. [No Bug] Setup wizard don't overwrites old hotkeys
  198. [BUG]Right click server tab when using RDC.
  199. [Solve] Needed Channel Join Power / Channel and Server Groups
  200. [Fixed] wrong server name
  201. ts3 no connection to ANY server pls help! =(
  202. [No BUG] Permission Evaluation
  203. [Fixed] "Show Server Query Clients" sometimes not work
  204. [on todo] Deactivated Mic after standby
  205. Resolved Recorder ignores continuous transmission.
  206. [Solved] Teamspeak 3 Client makes strange keyboard behavior
  207. [Fixed] [Localization] Continuous is misspelled in english localization
  208. [Fixed with Beta22] [Bug] Client beta21 G19&G15 bug
  209. [Solved] Channel codec duplicate permission (beta23)
  210. Beta21 (and prior) linux sound oddities
  211. Installing the latest beta - problem
  212. [on Todo] Linux 32 bit beta21 and glibc problem
  213. [Solved] server beta23 - permissions - i_client_talk power
  214. Server Shutdown after 1hour
  215. Teamspeak update
  216. "tweeting" sounds in the background
  217. [Solved] Problem TS beta 21, G 35 and saitek dash board
  218. Teamspeak3-beta21
  219. [Solved] Whisper hotkey not working with TS3 latest version
  220. TS3 Client Updater [BUG]
  221. [Solved] ts3client_runscript.sh not working
  222. [No bug] [Linux] No menu icons for beta21
  223. Can't install the new 21 on Linux
  224. [Fixed beta22] Client - edit channel seems always to set codec/quality
  225. No Bug [BUG] "Expand channels up to this level" does not override channel subscription
  226. Bug Client 21 kills Age of Conan
  227. I have one problem
  228. [Fixed] Host Button Tooltip: Using german special chars reduce max. amount of chars
  229. [English Localization]App name wrong.
  230. Is it possible to ... ?
  231. No jpg avatars, qt issues, snd quirk
  232. Microphone Disabled after Standby
  233. [Solved] Permission Bug? (about permid=16770)
  234. [Fixed] People randomly not hearing other people
  235. contacts search bar
  236. [Bug] Terminal Services confuses client
  237. [Fixed] Hotsbuton disappear
  238. Translations doesn’t apply
  239. [Fixed in beta 23] Contact list nickname deletion
  240. TS3 Problem
  241. [No Bug] Text to speech not following playback profile
  242. [Fixed with beta23] 'Sort clients under channels' option
  243. [On Todo] Server Query Admin Icon
  244. MySQL Database Mismatch
  245. [Solved] Zero Day Exploit
  246. [Fixed in server beta26] Reserved Slot BUG (BETA 25)
  247. [no bug] Maximum Number of Clients Reached? (beta 25)
  248. multiple client-database-IDs for the same client
  249. [Fixed] permission management duplicate users
  250. [fixed] Client crashes when entering a channel too early