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  1. Copy Identity (PC) to iOS Plattform ?
  2. iOS Client version
  3. Security Level for iOS / Could not validate client identity
  4. How to import your existing TeamSpeak 3 identities on an iOS device
  5. No Bug excessive echo
  6. Resolved Microphone Wont Enable
  7. Import Bookmarks.ini and Contacts.ini
  8. [Suggestion] TS3 for iPod
  9. ERROR: could not validate client identity!
  10. Sound Volume
  11. [Suggestion] IOS Voice
  12. Suggestion - Seperate Notifications
  13. Application Lag
  14. Error 0x705
  15. Iphone Client shows query clients
  16. TS3 iPhone app
  17. How to switch from iphone loadspeaker to speaker (for calling)
  18. Cant connect to any server
  19. Bluetooth Headset Support?
  20. Rejected App TS3 for IOS 3.X.X
  21. File Browser Support?
  22. 2 Notification Suggestions
  23. [Bug] iPad TS App
  24. connection lost
  25. More Feature's For iOS and Android?
  26. bug poke, can't ban user
  27. App is crashing and the device is restarting
  28. Crashes with Iphone 3G
  29. TS for iPad application problems
  30. Resolved TS3 App
  31. iOS app
  32. Connection Issues
  33. Iphone whisper list
  34. Question TS3 Identity!
  35. another crash report - maybe some new info too :)
  36. "user entered your channel" noise.
  37. Inaudible sound on IpodTouch
  38. Teamspeak3 app for iphone
  39. how To Input/add ID iOS From Computer?
  40. Bug / missing feature: Receiving Whispers doesn't work
  41. Audio settings
  42. Create channel - insufficient permission
  43. [Suggestion] Channels List Sorting
  44. iOS-client won't work with server build#14957
  45. Not letting me into Admin channel
  46. Error: invalid Server Password
  47. [Suggestion] TeamSpeak for iOS AirPlay enabled
  48. iOS App fails on ignoring channel password right
  49. iOS Bugs
  50. Push to talk>multi-tasking
  51. Sound Issues (recently)
  52. Audio Static, GUI lag
  53. TS on iPhone 3G crashing!!!
  54. TS3 iphone app connection problem
  55. ** UPDATED ** Issues on iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 1st/2nd Gen
  56. Help I am new to Team Speak
  57. iPhone/iPad ts3
  58. TS3 for iPhone 4
  59. teamspeak app question
  60. Ipod music + Teamspeak 3 for Iphone combo
  61. Cant disconnect client
  62. TS3 on iphone 4
  63. Using the earphone instead of speaker
  64. sound distortion
  65. Iphone App Not Connecting
  66. Teamspeak App, microphone disabled with Ipod Touch 3rd Gen?
  67. Missing button iPhone app
  68. Iphone Issue
  69. TS3 not working on iPhone 4S with iOS 5.
  70. Help? D:
  71. ipod 4G mic sensitivity
  72. Ipod: cant connect to server
  73. Resolved How to set Default Channel in iOS?
  74. Can't Change Security Levels???
  75. Feature Request: Remote push to talk API
  76. iPod touch TS3?
  77. Help with Iphone App
  78. tsviewer and iOS
  79. iOS Bug/Error 11: Could not validate client identety
  80. Only Home page shows with no connections
  81. IPhone TS3
  82. iPhone App & EVE Online account association
  83. iPad, set channel admin for other users
  84. Problem with contacts
  85. Resolved Possible to recover ts3 identity from iOS Device?
  86. IOS-App-Bug
  87. Bugs found & Ideas
  88. Some icons don't display
  89. Possible Updates for Iphone app
  90. Just bought a new Ipad2
  91. Iphone ts
  92. Privilege Key
  93. Getting Disconnected (IPad)
  94. Before I buy.
  95. iOS Teamspeak text message bug
  96. It restart whole Iphone 3G
  97. Is there a Server List on IPad version?
  98. [iOS] Teamspeak3 and Cellular Data
  99. Can't connect no privilege key field iOS
  100. Can't create channel on public server
  101. Offline Messages in iOS Client ?
  102. Resolved Remembering Channel Passwords on iOS
  103. Question about apple app
  104. Can't see participants on other channels
  105. iOS can't connect on teamspeak server
  106. iOS App + Bluetooth Headset?
  107. Ipad2 - no microphone
  108. iPhone app wont connect to server
  109. Help! TS on iPhone4
  110. Evaluation [Request] iOS Web invite Redirect to TS3 App
  111. Have to re-install TS client on iOS to be able to reconnect.
  112. Priveledge key
  113. TeamSpeak 3 iOS localhost
  114. iphone 3gs ERROR:: HELP
  115. Bug iphone found
  116. Iphone Volume
  117. iOS Knowledgebase/FAQ
  118. Cannot join channels even though I subscribed
  119. How can i change my photoً
  120. Teamspeak American inc. ?
  121. IOS Application
  122. Volume too loud via Bluetooth
  123. iOS issues with exporting ID
  124. [Problem] Join channels with Max Clients.
  125. IPad not connecting to server
  126. IOS 3G Support Issue
  127. Size of "push to talk"-Button
  128. iOS request
  129. automatically join a channel
  130. iOS Bugs and Problems
  131. Not possible How to export identy to computer?
  132. Evaluation iPad voice activated toggle location
  133. [Request] iOS: Tab Links to Redirect to Safari
  134. TS3 Iphone App - Avatar
  135. Cannot connect - "Error"
  136. Some suggestions for the ts3 ios/iphone app
  137. IPhone 4S Home Screen Button will not activate app
  138. Teamspeak 3 Hangs in iOS on iPad 1
  139. On Todo Link/ URL support on TS3 for iDevices
  140. "Could not validate your identity (number)
  141. New Update for iOS v3.04
  142. IPhone URL Schemes for TS3 APP
  143. Iphone5
  144. iOS TS Channel Extension?
  145. ts history
  146. Channel group, server group, ban list(id,ip,name) help!
  147. Iphone app pricing
  148. new app?
  149. Import Favorites to IOS
  150. Trouble with error 0x605
  151. On Todo Server Groups not shown for yourself
  152. Fixed but still needs help
  153. On Todo Notification about user disconnected
  154. Performance issue when running with waze/icq
  155. Purchased the app but missed the window
  156. Not possible How to set avatar on iPad or iPhone?
  157. TeamSpeak iOS App Update
  158. Resolved [IPHONE APP] Buggy
  159. Server outdated
  160. New app not connecting
  161. mapping the PTT
  162. iPad Mini & iPhone 5 - Feedback from others in channel even with headset.
  163. Only Voice over Ext. Speaker? (iPhone5)
  164. Cant find the App.?
  165. Issue on iOS 6 - TS3
  166. Just purchased for IOS 6 Voice "Error" Message Please help
  167. Client crash when viewing client details
  168. Unable to connect
  169. Updating from the old app to the new app
  170. Resolved iOS- Cannot assign server groups.
  171. New App from Canada
  172. Resolved Cannot add default channel.
  173. Resolved Failed to create channel
  174. Push to talk / voice activation issues
  175. Resolved Cannot join red channel
  176. IoS devices unable to connect
  177. On Todo Hyperlinks on iOS
  178. Ipad can not connect to server
  179. Resolved unable to connect: Error connecting to server
  180. Push to talk via keyboard
  181. TS ipad app cannot connect to my favorite site
  182. TS3 not working getting error.... working 10 or so hours ago -_-
  183. Just brought app but can't connect
  184. Knowing which users are online in each channel?
  185. Evaluation Feature Suggestion: Remember "Subscribe to all Channels" feature after reconnect
  186. Resolved Doesnt show people in rooms youre not in
  187. Server Query
  188. Error 0x705
  189. Logitech H800 bluetooth audio issue
  190. Connection Error
  191. Privilege key
  192. connection error on iphone after app update
  193. Problem to install ts 3
  194. Resolved Larger PTT Button
  195. IOS Lag Spikes
  196. Unable to Connect: Could not validate client identity (23)
  197. Talk button lights up but no one can hear me.
  198. Mobile TS 3 app
  199. iOS 7 problem
  200. Microphone not working
  201. Resolved iOS Client - Avatars do not update!
  202. IOs Teamspeak App Error
  203. Latest version has bugs
  204. Push to talk button on EarPods
  205. Evaluation iOS app lags when attempting to transmit
  206. Teamspeak disconnects and can't connect again
  207. Ts3 mobile audio help
  208. Version
  209. Problem with subscribing to all channels
  210. Resolved Getting "Error", when trying to join a channel :/
  211. Evaluation TS won't stop scrolling/jumping
  212. Resolved Port is not saved.
  213. Quietly and Scrolling
  214. latest iOS teamspeak audio problem using fm transmitter
  215. IOS 6.1.3 IPAD 2 Nickname doesnt default automatically
  216. A strange thing to my ipad
  217. Cannot connect via 3G
  218. Integrated iPhone Mic Not Working
  219. Audio mutes.
  220. Will there be translations in iOS?
  221. Chosing audio/microphone separatly please
  222. Can't see desktop or mac users?
  223. cant connect on IPhone 5 to self made ts3 server..
  224. Network error
  225. On Todo Problems since latest update (IOS iPhone4s client)
  226. Evaluation TS3 (iOS) Phone Calls + Disconnect + Audio Source Change
  227. iOS Iphone 4s Client Not working!
  228. Can't Use Imported Identity on Iphone
  229. Resolved Bluetooth headset not working with teamspeak for IOS
  230. No Bug [iOS] Appstore Images
  231. iOS app
  232. Teamspeak 3 client on Iphone 5 iOS 6.0.1
  233. Not possible IOS as tool for in-game "who's speaking"?
  234. Teamspeak app for iPhone 5s
  235. Evaluation reconnect setting on iOS
  236. Not possible Old version TS3
  237. Not possible How to change language manually?
  238. iOS Client crashes on receiving Messages
  239. Teamspeak sur Ipad
  240. iOS7 TeamSpeak "Error" Message
  241. Evaluation iOS Client Volume Control
  242. Resolved iOS Automatic Channel Scrolling
  243. Not possible iOS Connection Failure - Invalid Server Password
  244. iPad Integrated Mic Issue
  245. iOS 7 Volume control problem [too loud / can't mute]
  246. Cannot hear anything
  247. Question customer IOS
  248. Evaluation Docking Station BT / Lightning Connector not working
  249. [BUG] iOS Client Crashing, Message Bug, Group Icon + Name not showing
  250. I can connect to server