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  1. On Todo [Suggestion] physical keyboard support for PTT
  2. Resolved [Suggestion] Ability to edit Needed Talk Power of channels.
  3. playstore Update, cannot open Mythos Client or view my favourites
  4. Resolved [Request] Change indivdual client volume.
  5. Ts3 payment.
  6. Resolved one payment 2 devices ?
  7. Resolved Updated XML file for translation
  8. Resolved Any chance for the chat dates in other format / language?
  9. ErrorERROR Message
  10. Info: Updating from Beta
  11. Playback Frequency Error
  12. Android Translation Instructions
  13. How do I change the port on my tablet??
  14. Resolved Clients not listed for Android user
  15. Could not resolve the host name
  16. Sound clipping/breaking
  17. Not possible Can't create user/stuck on default.
  18. samsung galaxy s4 GT-19505
  19. Resolved TeamSpeak causes phone to flicker and back screen.
  20. Press [Mute Headphones] = [Mute Microphone] + [Mute Headphones] ??
  21. Evaluation Request-notifications
  22. Won't be fixed Chat - Cut / Copy / Paste with on screen keyboard
  23. Resolved Blutooth still uses wrong microphone
  24. appears as
  25. refunds?
  26. Resolved Critical payment error
  27. Android Beta Test Version Signup Instructions
  28. mic not working in ts3 android app
  29. Resolved No audio-device found on HTC ONE SV 520E
  30. App says I don't have high enough security level
  31. Request - file browser
  32. Resolved Set Default Channel?
  33. Resolved Suggestion: To present the Nickname in Change Volumen dialogue
  34. Suggestion: More in double column for avoiding scrolling in the contextual user menu
  35. 2 Android app questions
  36. Hangs at Connecting: Loading User
  37. [Suggestion] TS3 for Android
  38. Problem on Galaxy Young s6310n
  39. teamspeak audio problems
  40. TS3 + Galaxy S4 + Android 4.3 + Plantronics Explorer 975. No sound.
  41. No audio-device found on sony xperia z
  42. android app
  43. I can't connect to the server.
  44. Bought the app, audio doesn't work on my LG G2. Error on sound settings.
  45. [Request] Widget w/PTT
  46. Samsung Galaxy S4 connection issue
  47. Playback is fine, but microphone scratces
  48. Resolved Android App + DynDNS - Problems resolving Hostname
  49. Resolved _tsdns SRV record in Android
  50. Not possible TS3 for Amazon Kindle
  51. No Audio device found. Collection Thread
  52. Resolved Cannot buy ts3 on Google Play
  53. Echo Problem on TS3
  54. Resolved S4 intermittent black screen
  55. Not possible old android help
  56. audio device not found Sony Xperia S
  57. [Request] TeamSpeak Client For Kindal Fire
  58. help with ts3 adroid app.
  59. Create privilege key in android app
  60. Resolved Unknown error code 24
  61. Team Speak 3 on Samsung Galaxy S3 with branded Android 4.3 from T-Mobile in Poland
  62. teamspeak 3 app.need help
  63. Issue with my TS App.
  64. pleas use the mic. from BT headset
  65. mobile speaker sound fuzzy ....
  66. Can only connect to empty servers
  67. ts3 not working for andriod lucid
  68. Mic or PTT not working on TS3 Android full client, audio (speaker or BT) OK
  70. Use old Android Smartphone as a Radio Bot?
  71. Not possible Import/Export Bookmarks.
  72. unable to connect on nexus 4
  73. Can't connect to my friends teamspeak
  74. TSs Android bug?
  75. TS3 Android no mic function
  76. Android 4.3 and TeamSpeak
  77. Evaluation Android 4.3 Sony Xperia
  78. Listening to multiple channels simultaneously
  79. TDNS ERROR: Cannot resolve hostname
  80. Problems with audio drivers ST26i Sony Xperia J
  81. Resolved Android app not connecting to VPS hosted teamspeak server
  82. does the android version connect to pc servers?
  83. Can't open file
  84. TS3 Android not supported on Xperia P?
  85. error_failed_connection_initialisation
  86. sony xperia ultra phone/tablet massive backfeed android 4.4.2 (kitkat)
  87. I don't have the correct permissions
  88. Custom Sound Packs
  89. Audio Drivers problem with Samsung GT-I8260
  90. Error connection initialisation
  91. Android / wrong identity when start ts3 over web/javascript
  92. 3.0.15-xxx-2014 Three comments about "Use PPT overlay"
  93. 3.0.15-xxx-2014 Volume changes (really loud) during 10 seconds after PTT
  94. Not connecting on Samsung Galaxy Centura (3G)
  95. Can not connect to any server - GT-P3100
  96. Is there a way to not use "Push to Talk"?
  97. Audio capture issues with 3.0.15 - XXX-2014
  98. Samsung s4 and bluetooth
  99. BB causes on TS android client cashes also
  100. Not possible Is it possible to change Soundpack on android device?
  101. Could not resolve the host name
  102. Identity port problems
  103. TS3 closes
  104. Connection Lost & reconnect changes quality
  105. No Bug Crash on L-Preview
  106. Can connect to a particular server in wifi, but not 4g
  107. Evaluation Client on Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 dont work
  108. Not possible Android client auto-connect
  109. ts3 for Android will not connect to any server using data
  110. TSDNS Error
  111. Android not resolving host names
  112. how can i see other Clients?
  113. Help TS server disconects only Android users :(
  114. Android client voice interrupts when someone else is speaking
  115. Resolved TSDNS/Hostname Error on 4G LTE, Works Fine on WiFi
  116. Complete Noob, using android.
  117. mic audio feeding back through headset
  118. Mic not working on galaxy S3
  119. Resolved Can't connect to my own server (pc works fine)
  120. packet loss
  121. Galaxy Tab can not connect
  122. Not able to send messages or anything that involves long push on client name
  123. Teamspeak 3 app problems
  124. Evaluation How to disable automatic voice gain control?
  125. App from Google Play Store not downloading...
  126. Nvidia Shield Teamspeak
  127. Not possible Query Icon & cooperate with clients with query range
  128. Error : " Teamspeak servers don't allow to monitor their status by default"
  129. Blueparrott Bluetooth Headset for android
  130. Microphone on Samsung Galaxy Win
  131. Resolved Can not resolve the hostname?
  132. Rejected Google login?
  133. Where do you put the IP address for Android App
  134. How do I find my own UID?
  135. Still stuck on
  136. TS3 For Android and microphone not functioning
  137. Critical Error - Audio Device Not Found - Samsung Galaxy Win
  138. Android app does not work with headphones
  139. Resolved Export Favorite/identity TS3 Servers
  140. Not possible Samsung GT-S5830i (Galaxy Ace) can't install TS
  141. Evaluation Flag icon doesn't change
  142. Sound issue on Xperia SP
  143. Resolved BETA 3.0.17 Bugs Currently found
  144. Import Identity to Android
  145. Resolved Error 24 during instalaltion.
  146. Android vs. iOS
  147. Connection error
  148. Resolved Request TP moves Avatar
  149. Not possible How to make one account from 2 account?
  150. Getting Mic to work on TS3
  151. Could not resolve the hostname
  152. Not possible Sound pack not respecting volume settings
  153. TeamSpeak 3 is not working fluently!
  154. No Bug Android Teamspeak : errorERROR_failed_connection_initialization
  155. No Bug TS3 Android and mobile Spotify
  156. Android Update
  157. Resolved Can not change identity
  158. cannot connect to hostname
  159. Next Update TS3 Android
  160. Resolved teamspeak 3 application android crash crash crash
  161. Not possible I have question about ts3 android whisper
  162. Resolved HTC One TS3 app problem
  163. Local network connection woes - errorError_connection_initialisation
  164. No Connection with Wlan
  165. Distorted voice
  166. Evaluation Poke dialog does not appear, when app was minimized
  167. Feature level of the Android client?
  168. android hostname resolution error
  169. Android unable to connect to TS server
  170. Resolved -BUG- Client crash
  171. Resolved Crash during reconnect
  172. Got muted after few time
  173. constant crash on connecting to ts
  174. Sometimes it disconnects out of nowhere, decent signal.
  175. "No Suitable Audio Device"
  176. After upgrade to Android 5.0.1 I hear noises instead of voices
  177. Audio microphone on android
  178. Feedback on the android app
  179. Resolved Teamspeak continuously crashes after 10-15 seconds of operation.
  180. Evaluation audio problems (lagg)
  181. Speaker issue
  182. Android 5.0 robot voice
  183. Phone client
  184. Error Code 519
  185. Eror with server connect
  186. Voice audio dissapears
  187. Error
  188. Audio problem - Playback/Recording Frequency error - Unsupported settings/device
  189. Playback issues on Android
  190. Not possible Cannot use TS3 remote on my Galaxy S5 Android.
  191. Cannot connect to server on same internet connection
  192. TS3 for android cutting off
  193. 3.0.19 15-Jul-2015 -- Only languages that are included in the package?
  194. Evaluation 3.0.19 15-Jul-2015 -- Still "Settings --> Language" always shows "English"
  195. Custom Packs
  196. Error on android app
  197. Connected, Disconnected......
  198. Resolved App crashes immediattly on intel CPU
  199. connect disconnect, host message
  200. PTT overlay
  201. Create channel problem with 3.0.19 on first connection to a server as SA.
  202. TeamSpeak for android wont start
  203. ERROR_failed_connection_initialisation
  204. Resolved Android Galaxy S2 v Crash
  205. On Todo TS app crashes when using CELT codec
  206. Not possible Autoreconnect delay timer
  207. Not Supported TS3 App not starting or outdated. (not bought in Playstore)
  208. Not possible Multiple servers?
  209. Before I buy, does poke work ?
  210. android-app:// URL?
  211. Android Marshmallow (6.0) support?
  212. ERROR_failed_connection_initialisation
  213. Resolved Zenfone 5 crash when someone talking
  214. Can't open teamspeak 3.0.20 on Android 4.04
  215. Not Supported TeamSpeak not supported on AndroidTV
  216. Chatcrash on Teamspeak3 Android
  217. Resolved Have to repurchase app after changing phone?
  218. Resolved Toggle mute mic or toggle PTT with hardware button
  219. Resolved Microphone redundancy (BT mode does use internal Mic)
  220. Not Supported Teamspeak 3 Mobile - Push to Talk (PTT) Compatible Hardware 2015
  221. Screen keeps turning off when using app
  222. ERROR_failed_connection_initialisation while connection (Android)
  223. Change font size in chat?
  224. Issues opening app
  225. Identity
  226. App Crashes
  227. Can't connect to server.
  228. [TSDNS + Android] Crash
  229. ErroERROR_failed_connection_initialisation
  230. Does not connect to the servers
  231. Ts3 Crash
  232. How to save the channels password on the android client
  233. Not possible Other way to buy?
  234. Not able to import Identity
  235. Ts3 apk crash
  236. TS App Crashes When Others speak
  237. Can't change the volume of messages from server (like join message)
  238. Resolved Why does the app ask for permission...
  239. Connected for 0.1 seconds.... Then disconnected
  240. Lenovo K900 crash
  241. Not possible PTT key not working in Background
  242. Android 6 / galaxy s7 / rights can not be given / Teamspeak will not continue
  243. Wrong user selected
  244. Sound and microphone problems
  245. ErrorERROR_failed_connection_initialisation
  246. TeamSpeak Android App keeps crashing
  247. TS 3 Version - SM-G920F Missing Permission
  248. TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.0.21 crashes!
  249. No ability to disconnect from server
  250. Connect and auto disconnect from my server