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  1. I can not create account on myteamspeak.com and in client
  2. No Verification E-Mail for My Teamspeak
  3. On Todo globalname 3.1 Error
  4. Account verification error
  5. Registered with wrong or with mistake in Email
  6. Unable to Login via Client
  7. Resolved "Found Illegal Items"?
  8. What about contacts sync?
  9. Not possible Register as developer without phone
  10. Support for stand-alone addons?
  11. QoL improvements for developers
  12. [HELP] Recover server admin
  13. Developer Status: Waiting for approval.
  14. Resolved How do i get the Addon Developer badge?
  15. Resolved Not visible in add-ons browser anymore and re-submission got rejected?
  16. [INFO] Current TSSync aka. MyTeamspeak Features
  17. [Request] MyTeamspeak.com OAuth API for related websites and services
  18. Problem - same addon status for 10 days
  19. Maximum filesize of addon filepacks
  20. Resolved Registered during Gamescome 2014 and didn't got any Badge yet :(
  21. Resolved Mistyped Email during account creation
  22. How to activate all 3 Badges when you are developer
  23. Addon page.
  24. Reset password, lost admin status on my server. Where do I enter the recovery key?
  25. [Suggestion] Better way to Manage the Screenshots of Addons / Thumbnail
  26. "Status: REVIEW" - how long does it take?
  27. myTeamSpeak Activation Failure
  28. Ts3-Abzeichen
  29. Resolved Rules for addon now?
  30. "Configure Badges" in myTeamSpeak part in options???
  31. MyTeamSpeak mit Forum User verbinden
  32. [Help] My bookmarks are not syncing.
  33. Cannot Login
  34. confirmation email is in spam folder (Outlook)
  35. Resolved MyTeamSpeak Handy & PC Benutzer
  36. Missing Favorites
  37. Resolved Ok, activated, set to manual. Erm, how do I choose anything to sync?
  38. Resolved Wie bekomme ich das Abzeichen "Creator of Teamspeak-Addons"
  39. Email-Adresse ändern.
  40. Suggestions
  41. myTeamspeak Recovery Key wird nicht akzeptiert
  42. About the Addons category, can only select one at a time?
  43. Resolved Where is my badge?
  44. Teamspeak notification (unable to decrypt data)
  45. Can't log into MyTeamSpeak on your webpage.
  46. Resolved Fallback won't work
  47. Teamspeak Icon Pack
  48. Addon submission workflow feedback
  49. Major fallback incident
  50. "This username is already in use!"
  51. Resolved Wiederherstellungsschlüssel/ Fallback funtioniert nicht auf Android
  52. iphone teamspeak how to move to pc ts3
  53. Resolved Plugin Pagination broken
  54. Resolved Can't Login To Teamspeak Account (SSL_ERROR: Alert on protocol: TLS 1.2)
  55. "Waiting for approval" seit mehr als 2 Wochen
  56. Woher haben die User diese Icons
  57. DarkenTS Clones
  58. Not possible Where do i find a backup of my Recovery Key
  59. Please delete my myTeamspeak account
  60. Reporting plugin
  61. myTeamSpeak Addon
  62. Neues Badge (Idee)
  63. Question 'bout making .ts3_soundpack files
  64. Irritating wordings
  65. Addon was rejected / wurde abgelehnt
  66. Verification doesn't work.
  67. Resolved Unable to activate account, unable to resend activation
  68. Rejected but no email.
  69. Status "Draft" ?
  70. Changelogs when website was updated?
  71. I cant login!?! E-mail does not exist?
  72. Sync won't work
  73. Teamspeak 3 Skin Rejected [German]
  74. Probleme Upload neuer Plugin-Files
  75. Where did my settings/bookmarks go?
  76. Gamescom 2016 Badge
  77. synchronize accounts
  78. I lost the server admin
  79. TS3 PC Client myTeamSpeak account login fail
  80. Bookmarks has been removed from "myteamspeak accounts"
  81. Can't login
  82. Resolved myTeamSpeak sync failure give windows notification
  83. Addons removed while updated?
  84. MyTeamSpeak Backup ?
  85. Not possible Ist im Moment das TeamSpeak-Team aktiv? und 2 weitere Fragen
  86. Not possible Myteamspeak change update timings?
  87. How to register a Server Nickname
  88. How to report an issue with Server Nicknames
  89. Resolved Gamescom 2017 Badges?
  90. Cant LOG IN
  91. Claim a server Nickname
  92. Resolved GC 2017 Badge Code mehr als 1 x nutzen?
  93. Resolved After changing the password of MyTeamSpeak account, I've lost all of my Identities...
  94. Not possible Alte Gamescom Icons?
  95. MIFCOM Badge
  96. Bestätigungs Email kommt nicht an
  97. GamesCom Hero Code geht nicht?!
  98. Entwickler
  99. Icon Pack
  100. Team Speak Account Sync
  101. Change my Dev myTeamSpeak username
  102. Not possible No acccess to old email address anymore.
  103. Addon freischalten dauert schon eine Weile (Review)
  104. myTeamspeak bookmarks got deleted (again)
  105. Frage zu TeamSpeak Server Nicknamen
  106. Invalid author name.
  107. Resolved Wie verlinke ich Server Nicknamen die Leerzeichen haben
  108. E-Mail Adresse ändern
  109. Badges werden online angezeigt auf myTeamSpeak aber nicht im Client
  110. Logging out
  111. PC to Android Bookmarks Sync
  112. Apply synced hotkeys as default for all bookmarks
  113. Lost all bookmarks and ranks etc.
  114. My TeamSpeak Konto Synchronisierung
  115. Teamspeak deleted all my favorites and identitys (Server Groups on servers etc.)
  116. Sync Identities on iOS
  117. Not possible Print Recovery Key on iOS
  118. Alles weg wegen fallback?!
  119. TeamSpeak 3 Badge für AAL/ATHP Hoster
  120. Teamspeak have some problems with MyTeamspeak identities
  121. My TeamSpeak email change
  122. Teamspeak-Badge für eine kleine Gruppe
  123. How to upload addons
  124. Identitäten und Favoriten plötzlich verschwunden
  125. Failed to restore recovery key
  126. Server nicknames port ?
  127. Developer Guidelines?
  128. Resolved Cant resolve server nickname
  129. Resolved No Add ons available
  130. MyTeamspeak kann mich nicht verbinden + link in optionen
  131. Not possible Reset my password and don't have recovery key, cant get my data back
  132. Not possible How can I create a TeamSpeak badge?
  133. I cant use my Account datas in The application Teamspeak 3
  134. Synchronisations Probleme
  135. Error contacting URL ... /synchronization
  136. Myteamspeak error
  137. Resolved Internal Error 500 with login or reset password
  138. Email Bug?
  139. Resolved What means " Updates Pending " in the Addon section ( while releasing own Addon )
  140. [Unofficial] Developer Guidelines
  141. [Unofficial] Developer Best Practices
  142. I can't login in my account of TS3.
  143. my MyTeamSpeak account got hacked.
  144. Resolved Wann werden server nicknames gelöscht
  145. Fallback Fail & Typo
  146. Can't login on myTeamSpeak account with TS3
  147. Wiederherstellungsschlüssel nicht vorhanden
  148. Lokaler/Synchronisierter Account
  149. My TeamSpeak account Recovery Key is invalid
  150. Activation Failed wrong activation key
  151. Not possible Accidently deleted my ID
  152. Not possible Alter Wiederherstellungsschlüssel wieder gefunden nach Fallback
  153. Resolved HDD Crash Need HELP----
  154. Already possible [Suggestion] Synchronize TeamSpeak Design
  155. How long does it take till a server nickname gets deleted?
  156. Not possible Keine Gesyncten Daten nach installation
  157. New TS3 badges (June 2018)
  158. Header broken on mobile Website
  159. myTeamspeak for developers
  160. How can i change my Developer phone number
  161. myTeamspeak doesnt connect and destroyed every data
  162. Cant connect to my teamspeak under linux mint
  163. Not possible Alle gesyncten Sachen weg nach Badge Code
  164. Not possible Use badge code on second account.
  165. Badge code eingelöst und badge trotzdem nicht verfügbar
  166. About Addon Site
  167. Entschlüsselung der Daten nicht möglich
  168. New Teamspeak Recovery Key (still logged in)
  169. MyTeamspeak Error 400
  170. Resolved GC 2018 Badges
  171. Resolved Unable to connect to myTeamSpeak - error 500
  172. Resolved Kann mich oft nicht einloggen oder myTS reagiert nicht
  173. how to check the age of my teamspeak account
  174. Sync Identity from Android to PC
  175. Not possible Teamspeak All Badges
  176. Not possible 10 year nonprofit server owner where is my badge email...
  177. Ausversehen Developer geworden
  178. my teamspeak account has been reset. I lost permission on my servers
  179. Official Teamspeak Gamer Badge Release
  180. Recovery keys not working
  181. Missing badges in TS3 App
  182. Resolved We could not connect with Twitch!
  183. Evaluation [Suggestion] Please give a "Delete Account" button on dashboard.
  184. Ts Twitch Intigration geht nicht mehr
  185. [Suggestion] Stats for developers
  186. myTeamSpeak API?
  187. Resolved Where can i show my love to TeamSpeak?
  188. Evaluation myTeamSpeak not reachable over ipv6
  189. Resolved Unable to login myTeamSpeak
  190. Resolved Cannot connect into MyTeamspeak acc
  191. Do not synchronise automatically connect on startup
  192. Problem with the merch or merch badge
  193. Kann keinen server Nickname machen
  194. How can i reset my backup key or get a new one?
  195. Clear myTS notifications
  196. How can I upload my addon?
  197. Badges are gone?
  198. Twitch integration: connection request in progress
  199. How change my nick permanently of MyTeamSpeak account?
  200. Resolved myTeamSpeak timeout
  201. MyTeamspeak Wiederherstellungsschlüssel - Recovery Key
  202. Problems with login / Sync
  203. Server Nickname lässt sich nicht registrieren
  204. Resolved Change my myTeamSpeak username
  205. TeamSpeak employe Badge
  206. Resolved MyTeamSpeak down?
  207. Not possible Mehr als eine Twitch integration möglich?
  208. myteamspeak timeout
  209. Resolved Old recovery key lost - How to make new
  210. How can i connect to server via words (not to doamin)
  211. Server Nickname. How stable are these?
  212. Resolved Valentim's Day Badge (2019)
  213. Can't Change Email.
  214. Resolved myTeamSpeak-Username & myTeamSpeak-Developer-Name ändern
  215. I forgot my acount e-mail
  216. i can't change my email i get this error
  217. Not possible I couldn’t change e-mail (mail account does not exist any longer)
  218. Client can not connect/login myTeamspeak
  219. No Badges in to Client.
  220. Änderung der E-Mail für Login / Daten komplet löschen
  221. Can't enable the "TS5 Beta Competition Winner Badge" in Teamspeak
  222. Jedi Badge gone
  223. Design, Badget & Sychron des myTeamspeak.
  224. Reset my password with correct email and associated recovery code but
  225. myTeamSpeak Account
  226. Tier 1 Subscriber Group not assigned
  227. Cant register a Teamspeak account
  228. Reinstalled TS Can't log on
  229. "Time Machine" Badge
  230. Old badge shown.
  231. Registering Server Names
  232. MyTeamspeak Synchronisation funktioniert nicht
  233. "Test" Badge
  234. Resolved Don't see my badges
  235. I forgot recovery key
  236. my teamspeak item is too large to sync
  237. Can't login
  238. Change the mail of my myteamspeak account
  239. Don't get an email to reset password
  240. Problem with activating account / Unable to resend activation code
  241. Gamescom 2019 Badge
  242. Resolved How can I receive the MET TIM SPEAK IRL Badge?
  243. How can i get a badge?
  244. Resolved Login failed. Error 502 Bad Gate Way
  245. A long time has passed it seems
  246. Problems with activating account
  247. Cannot change email: "supplied password is wrong"
  248. Missing my Jedi Badge
  249. i can't login my own myteamspeak account
  250. Halloween Badge