View Full Version : [Release] TeamSpeak Client 3.3.2

August 24th, 2019, 11:46 PM
We've just published new version of the TeamSpeak Client. This hotfix release provides a number of bug fixes and improvements. Please refer to the changelog for a full list of changes:

=== Client Release 3.3.2 - 26 Aug 2019
- Fixed a crash when calling specific plugin API functions reported by t4styy.

=== Client Release 3.3.1 - 25 Aug 2019
! Updated settings.db version to 9.
+ Added optional -configname commandline parameter to specify a custom name for
the settings folder. Note that this parameter needs to be used in combination
with -localconfig on Windows (default: config).
+ Added support for channel/client permission hints to enable/disable specific
UI actions. Note, that this feature requires TeamSpeak Server version 3.10.0
or later.
* Improved settings database performance.
- Fixed a bug where the same badge icon was displayed multiple times for the
same client.
- Fixed a bug where the infoframe did not update when the selected client left
the server.
- Fixed a crash in Qt framework when receiving specific Unicode characters.
- Fixed a freeze problem in bookmarks manager.

Use the auto-update feature in the TeamSpeak Client to get access to this version.

Feel free to drop us a line here (https://forum.teamspeak.com/threads/141135) to provide feedback or report issues: