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  1. subscribe permission for server admin group

    Hi, by mistake i have deleted permission. Now, via server query i can not grant it back for my server group.
    1. What is the default permission for server admin ?
    2. Can i fix it some way?

  2. DNS configuration for ts3 - how to setup only subdomain not domain? And Update TS3.

    Hi guys i got 2 easy questions for old ts3 admins:)
    Im beginner.

    First of all, i got my own domain and VPS.
    I have created A and SRV records for TS3. Plp can connect when they use IP or...
  3. Ok but i want smth different. I do not want to...

    Ok but i want smth different.
    I do not want to open ports for it. I log to VPS with secure SSH and i want to use query from linus bash (linux user). Can i do this? Dont want to open 10011 or 10022...
  4. Replies

    Want a free web interface

    Where can i find currently known and supported FREE web interface for my ts?
  5. serverquery from linux console and logs and security security

    Hi guys.
    How can i run ts3 server query being already on ssh session to my server? Can i run any script allowing me to use ts3 query?
    Should i configure smth to log ts3 connected plp and what they...
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