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  1. I have exactly the same issue.. Our Main server...

    I have exactly the same issue.. Our Main server everything works normally, our second virtualized server the icons are not showing for all users.

    EDIT: I looked up the icons under "internal" and...
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    [Resolved] License expired, server won't start, how to roll back to 32 slots?

    Hello everybody,

    our 1 year license with 128 slots ran out today. Unfortunately our community can't afford a new license and we are thinking of trying to get a NPL. Last year we got denied because...
  3. Sticky: General Questions :)

    Hey there,

    I am Manuel from Germany and I have some questions about the non-profit-license :)

    At the moment I am part of a growing community in Project Cars, The Gentlemens Club (TGC). We are...
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