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  1. Solution:

    For all those looking for the solution: You are propably new to C like me.

    You need to crate a thread that holds a while loop, I am so kind to give you an example:

    int ts3plugin_init() {
  2. Tick event and socket connection question


    I want to implement a socket connection in the plugin sdk,
    is there a Tick event where I can check for incoming data?
    Has someone already achieved something similar?

    Any advise is...
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    help on Broadcast audio

    I want to send audio to the capture device or achieve something like the soundboard plugin ( , I...
  4. playWaveFile: WavePlayData::initCallback received error 2316

    Hey there, I want to play a wav file with my plugin, it returns error_ok (0) but for some reason I don't see any audio being broadcasted. When I looked in the client log however it gives me this...
  5. playWaveFile: ERROR_OK but not playing anything

    Hello, I use playWaveFile in the onTextMessageEvent like this:

    int ts3plugin_onTextMessageEvent(uint64 serverConnectionHandlerID, anyID targetMode, anyID toID, anyID fromID, const char* fromName,...
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    Play soundfile from linux teamspeak client

    Hello, I am making my own teamspeak soundbot and I have installed the ts3soundboard plugin.

    Sadly the plugin can only play a music file when a command is executed via the chat of the client...
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