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    [Resolved] Thanks for all the info, and the fix @dante696....

    Thanks for all the info, and the fix @dante696.
    So, just to get it right, the bug occured when a user somehow and of somekind failed to logon to my server?
    Or/ and has somebody coded a Teamspeak...
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    [Resolved] Server crashes over and over again after working fine for months.

    Hello, my server was working perfectly for months, may have crashed once after 50, and a few days ago after 12 days, but restarted automatically. Today, my server crashed 5+ times, and I did not...
  3. [Q] Framework/Tool to set online clients to servername

    As I saw on some teamspeaks servers, itīs possible to set the amout of clients online to the servername.
    Can you tell me what tool to use. I have a server and everything, I dont really want a...
  4. [Not Supported] Any solution?

    You said to run ts client on a server is not supported by you. How does Ts3musicbot-services run their clients then? Can I resolve this by setting up a vm on my server and install the client there?...
  5. [Not Supported] TS3 Client failed "Qapplication"

    Hey, I tried to install the teamspeak client on my linux.
    I just dont get what is wrong. Tried the x84 and x64 version, nothing worked.
    I woulīd apprechiate some information! (Client version...
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    [Q] connect client to server - via console

    Iīve got a question.
    Iam trying to write a php script.
    This script should:
    start ts3client -> connect to a specific server with a specific nickname and propably join different channels....
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