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  1. Sticky: [Resolved] Thanks, now I understand what's causing it. ...

    Thanks, now I understand what's causing it.

    But I need any way to fix this, having an Israeli flag on my TS user is the last thing I'd think about.

    So should I contact IP2Location for this?
  2. Sticky: [Resolved] Still...

    I tried the steps above in the 2nd post, and also shows that my country is Israel, but I'm actually from Palestine.

    How would it help if I send that report to the email in the 3rd...
  3. Sticky: [Resolved] Wrong country flag


    I just want to notify you guys that it shows my country flag as Israel while I'm actually from Nablus, West Bank, Palestine.

    I hope you guys fix that as fast as possible, because it's...
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