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  1. 3D Audio in Unity works on PC but not Android


    I have 3D audio working on PC via TeamSpeakClient.SystemSet3DListenerAttributes and ChannelSet3DAttributes, but when I run the same application on Android, there's no 3D attenuation whatsoever...
  2. As usually happens, I find a fix after posting......

    As usually happens, I find a fix after posting...

    I took a look at the disassembled source for TeamSpeakUnity.jar included with the sample.

    It appears that TeamSpeakWrapper.InitClientLib...
  3. Client restart in Unity on Android breaks audio (SDK


    It appears that all audio output and capture fails for the Unity integration on Android, when attempting to restart a client.

    For instance, this simple modification to TS3_Client_Example...
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