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  1. Does this mean people have to connect through...

    Does this mean people have to connect through this address?

    Edit: I gave my friends the above IP address, while also trying the three different ports, and they still cannot connect.
  2. Ports not opened after Portfowarding ~ Cisco E3200

    I'm trying to setup my own TS3 server, just for the heck of it and maybe use it for gaming and chatting. I have gotten my portforwarding done, but using the PFPortChecker, I checked the ports 9987,...
  3. I don't have any firewall software and I turned...

    I don't have any firewall software and I turned off my anti-virus. And I have a router on my end running windows XP 32-bit.
  4. Not working... for me at least....

    I have done everything. My friends outside of my own network cannot connect. I have already forwarded my ports using the site provided and checked it twice. My friend also have tried using the LAN IP...
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    Friends cannot connect

    Well yeah my friends cannot connect to my server, but I can using my LAN. Yes I gave them then WAN IP to connect and yes to correct port.

    Here is the log:
    2010-12-27 17:32:32.453125|INFO ...
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