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  1. Dears, Regarding this securityissue a response...


    Regarding this securityissue a response from teamspeak staff would be nice.


  2. teamspeak3 is under suspiction to be an attack vector for keylogging

    Dear Teamspeak-support,

    I have the suspiction that it is possible for a teamspeak3-admin (with root rights on his server) to
    manipulate the ts3 service in a way that he can read what the ts3...
  3. [suggestion] It would be nice to delete a user from DB in client

    Hi dears,

    It would be really nice if I could kick&delete an user from db with rightclick on his nick and select deluserfromdb.
    Searching the userdb id and doing a server query isnt user/admin...
  4. Replies

    [Rejected] rappelz

  5. Trouble with TS3 client and the game rappelz

    Hi dears,

    I have an interesting faultreport from some of my TS3 user.

    Meanwhile I have the 5th complain like this:

    As OS they use Windows 7 Home and their TS3 client always mutes them when...
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