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  1. [Not possible] Thanks alot :)

    Thanks alot :)
  2. [Not possible] Multiple Twitch accounts on one virtual server

    Hi. I was wondering as we have multiple of our admins who stream on twitch. Is it possible to add more than one twitch account to a server? we have successfully setup one account and it working...
  3. [Resolved] ok so i took the file /redis/ and...

    ok so i took the file /redis/ and renamed it to and copied it into my teamspeak root. now it is giving me the following error

    2017-11-03 11:41:38.235284|INFO ...
  4. [Resolved] will try that and let you know thanks for the...

    will try that and let you know
    thanks for the quick reply
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    Will try that and let you know :)

    Will try that and let you know :)
  6. [Resolved] error when running ts3 using mariadb

    Hi guys. i am trying to use ts3 with mariadb but i keep getting an error when i start the server. i am using linux ubuntu server 16.04

    my files=

    Fresh install of Teammspeak3
    I installed...
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    [Evaluation] Enhanced Logging

    Hi guys,

    Is it possible to make the server logging much more detailed?

    I run a community with admins with most permissions allowed on them. I want to be able to see not only that they edit a...
  8. Want to give a servergroup the option to modify a certain level of join power

    Hi Guys,

    i am trying to give a server group the option to add a certain level of join power when creating a channel or to modify a channels join power.

    I read on the forums to change this...
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    Banner not showing on client

    Hi Guys this might be a dumb question but where do i set to show server banner on my client. i saw my friend has a banner on in his teamspeak but mine doesnt show the banner part at all?

  10. How to grant a server group the permission to change channel join power

    Hi guys,

    I an an admin on a new ts3 server i am hosting. i want my Moderators(servergroup) to be able to create sub-channels of only a certain channel and then let them be able to change the...
  11. how to access the teamspeak database and modify it?

    hi guys, i am a starting c# programmer. i was wondering if it is possible to write a bot in c# to say give ranks to people according to time spent in the teamspeak. how can mods access the teamspeak...
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    Log of certain users activity

    Hi guys, does anyone know of an addon or query application that can give me all the server log entries of certain users on my teamspeak server. I recently added 2 moderators with permissions to give...
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