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  1. [TeamSpeak5][Bug] connection / startup bug

    After starting the new client the UI pops up just fine, but I am not able to connect to any globalchat or any TeamSpeak server.
    Once this behavior starts, most of the time I am able to recover by...
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    I am pretty that most people moving over to...

    I am pretty that most people moving over to another free service, are not really looking for the catch. They just see uhh its free, I need that.
    I am pretty sure Discord will move to a payed model...
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    Hi random TeamSpeak User, there are many flaws...

    Hi random TeamSpeak User,

    there are many flaws in your logic, let me point out some of them.
    The TeamSpeak Android / IOs app has never been free of cost. To setup a server with Discord is easier...
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    log auditing script für Mail / XMPP

    I hacked together some scripts to ease up the administration / moderation of a hosted teamspeak server.

    The main idea is to bundle up everything important and make that accessible to the...
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