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    TeamSpeak 5 Beta 8 - Bugs and Suggestions

    i just go my hands on the brand new TeamSpeak 5 and found some things that didnt seem right. I also found some things that I would like to change.
    Bug 1) TeamSpeak 5 doesnt allow me to use...
  2. 1) About the Packetloss I have no idea. Now its...

    1) About the Packetloss I have no idea. Now its back to zero.
    2) The outgoing traffic is the thing I am wondering about. I have no idea were it could come from.

    3)I don't know exactly what you...
  3. TeamSpeak using bandwith although client is muted

    I just noticed a thing.
    A client apparently consumes bandwidth from the server although the client is clearly muted and nothing should be sent.
    A small example can be seen here on the...
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