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  1. [Resolved] Great! :D

    Great! :D
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    [No Bug] Can not lower my Security Level

    My security level was 10, I increased it to 22 and now I can't lower it.
    Will I be doing something wrong? I do not see the option.
    Creating a new credential would be the only way.
  3. [Resolved] Bug TS5 - mouse wheel stuck in advance server settings panel

    1 - When you enter to advanced settings the screen doesn't slide. It doesn't always happen, but if you use it constantly it becomes annoying.


    2 - I found a way to solve it...
  4. [No Bug] Thanks for the answer! Sorry for the false bug. :(

    Thanks for the answer! Sorry for the false bug. :(
  5. [No Bug] Bug TS5 - button/link "Report Issue" it doesn't work.


    1 - Pressing the button starts the custom web application.
    2 - The web page for reports doesn't start/exist. It's like starting a blank page.
    3 - It was tested by programs such as: Opera...
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