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  1. [Resolved] That seems like a lot of work later down the...

    That seems like a lot of work later down the road. Sure we are small now but what happens when we have 100+ members, and people are constantly joining and leaving?

    Here is what we want we have...
  2. [Resolved] Trying to limit what groups can create a temporary sub-channels in pararent channels

    Hello all,

    My clan leader and I are trying to get our TS server where we can allow certain server group the perms to create temporary sub-channels in certain channels. We have set up the rooms...
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    Setting up Voice Activation

    I have a question for you all. I am a Server Admin for my clan's TS, and we use PTT (push To Talk), The server is not Force to use PTT, we have a server group for those who don't listen and set it...
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