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  1. here i am again.. took a while but i saw your...

    here i am again.. took a while but i saw your post now..

    i think u didnt understand my scenario.. i am not talking about video and voice cuting. all had to be in realtime..

    think of a...
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    [Resolved] [bugfix] members couldnt hear each other sometimes?


    is that problem fixed, where some couldnt hear each other suddenly? If it is, where can i read it.. maybe in release notes? i just couldnt find infos about that..
  3. [Suggestion] Delay Settings 90sec for Live CSS Matches

    Is it possible to add a feature that could handle the delay of 90sek. if i watch my m8s in a match, i am in the same ts3 channel, but their ingame commands and the hltv broadcast with 90 sec delay...
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